Portfolio Management

Once passive income is achieved, portfolio management is necessary in order to keep the income coming-in. Portfolio Management is the process of assessing risks and costs of investments both current and future.

Portfolio Management: Taxable (non-retirement) Account

Asset location is just as important as asset allocation. Where you hold your investments will determine your personal after-tax return. Some goals and investments have long time horizons and can withstand to be in a retirement account that may not be touched for years. However, what if you have a short-term goal like a downpayment […]

Portfolio Management: Leverage (Debt) Overview

Debt is a weapon that should be handled with care. You can either use it to build out your passive income streams, protect your income streams and lifestyle, or destroy your wealth. There are many options for borrowing money so we will give a brief overview here for now. What is debt? Debt is when […]

Portfolio Management: Retirement Accounts

There are many options now for investing in accounts meant to be used for retirement. It can be a little overwhelming! Let’s break down the different options you have so that you can choose which one makes the most sense for you. Retirement Accounts The idea is that you can put your money into an […]

The True Definition of Passive Income

You may see many people on the internet talking about passive income. What’s not to be desired about earning money while you are doing other things? It’s a hot topic that deserves to be understood since there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is and how it is obtained. What is Passive Income? […]

Portfolio Management: Tax Loss Harvesting

While we would all love to follow the timeless investment advice to “buy low, sell high”, the reality is that it is very difficult to time the market. One of the risks of investing is that it is always possible to lose what you put into it, especially if you have need of the money […]

Portfolio Management: Dividend Taxes

While dividends represent one of the most passive income streams you can have, you also have to realize it increases your taxable income. This is of course assuming you are investing in a non-retirement account, also called a taxable account, and will receive a tax form indicating the income. In a retirement account, you only […]

Portfolio Management: Capital Gains Taxes

Almost all passive investors must deal with capital gains at some point in their journey. There are various ways to avoid paying capital gains tax under the guidance of your tax professional, however you may find some forms of capital gains more favorable than other income streams you’ve added to your portfolio. Capital Gains The […]
Passive Income Audiobooks

Raise Capital: Passive Income Participating in Sleep Studies

You can make money by participating in sleep studies. According to DLF Probandensuche in participation with NASA, for “full participation in the study you will receive 16,500 euros” which is a bit over $18,000 USD for 60 days. Even though this is a less-known passive making opportunity, it can definitely be rewarding.

Raise Capital: Passive Income Renting Your Storage Space

Many property owners are complementing their income by renting space they can spare to people in need of it. There are a lot of spaces you could decide to rent out in your home. These may include your garage, guest room, shed, basement, backyard, attic, closet, or RV Pad.
Passive Income Parking Spot

Raise Capital: Passive Income Renting your Parking Spot

Rending your parking spot is actually serious business. Some people are making more than a couple of hundred dollars a month in this manner. According to Parkeasier.com, a space in Boston can be rented between 100$/month (Somerville) to 400$/month (Downtown).
Passive Income Bike Rentals

Raise Capital: Passive Income Renting Your Bike​

A quick and easy way to make money from home with no initial investment is by renting a personal bike. This type of service has been around for as long as bikes have existed, and is extremely easy to implement thanks to peer-to-peer platforms like Spinlister.com.