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Many industries have experienced deep transformation by technology and Real Estate is one of them (source). As more people opt to search for real estate properties online, more agents are losing clients and find it difficult to rely on their jobs alone as a source of stable income. But, as a Real Estate agent, you can create and run multiple passive income streams to supplement your income and make money on the side.

How can I earn passive income as a real estate agent? There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for real estate agents. Some streams include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, chatbots, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing, YouTubing and many more. With hard work, dedication, and skill, you can turn your passion into a passive income stream.

In this article, we will look at eight passive income stream ideas for Real Estate Agents. Most of these ideas do not require you to be an expert in the idea itself, but more so in the content that you will share. For more details about each idea, feel free to hit the orange button below each section to view a full beginner’s guide on our site. The more successful passive income streams you have, the more income you can make! Let’s have a look at each idea.

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1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to make passive income as a real estate agent. You can share real estate info, tips, guides, and more to build an audience, and monetize your blog to earn passive income from it. You can make excellent passive income from a monetized blog, from a couple hundred dollars a month to a fulltime income (source). If you want to reach more clients and leads, blogging is an excellent way of increasing organic traffic to your website.

Let’s say you work as a real estate agent for buyers. You can create a blog where you share tips, guides, and valuable information about buying real estate property. Identifying a niche helps you generate traffic from a more targeted audience that you can monetize with time. Creating a successful blog is not easy but there is a proven way to get results. We recommend Project 24 by Income School if you want to know how you can grow your audience, generate traffic, monetize your blog, and earn passive income from it. Learn more about creating passive income from a blog as a real estate agent in our full blogging guide.

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2. YouTube

YouTube is a very popular way of sharing video content and making money passively. As a Real Estate agent, you can share information about real estate, grow your following, monetize your channel, and earn passive income from it. There actually are a couple of real estate agents that are now famous from doing exactly that! Stephen Gram and Ryan Serhant are two (now famous) Real Estate agents sharing their passion for Real Estate, and more, on YouTube.

As an agent, you can share videos with content that can attract an audience, generate traffic, grow your audience, monetize your channel, and make money from it. Creating a successful channel is not easy and requires dedication, hard work, and consistency. You need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time to make your channel eligible for monetization.

It is important to make sure your videos are both educational and entertaining to keep your audience interested. As long as you stay consistent, generate traffic, and grow your audience, you can get monetized and earn well over $1,000 a month from your monetized YouTube channel just from ads. But there are many more ways to monetize a YouTube channel! Learn more about leveraging YouTube to earn passive income as a real estate agent in our YouTube guide.

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3. Creating Niche Sites

Making money from a niche site is still very relevant and an excellent way to make some extra income. As a Real Estate agent, you possess Real Estate skills such as information and content that can be beneficial to others. You can share this knowledge through a niche site, monetize it, and earn passive income from it. A niche site is typically a blog that resonates with a particular audience. For example, instead of blogging about buying a house in general, you could blog about a specific market (like your local market) to build up a following and generate leads for your business.

Creating a profitable niche site requires patience, dedication, skill and especially, the right methodology. With a sound audience, you can monetize your site make money passively. According to Project 24 by Income School has a method to create successful passive income sites. For more information about niche sites as an excellent passive income stream for real-estate agents, please read our full niche site guide.

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4. eBooks

Currently, many people are opting for eBooks over conventional hardcover books. As a real estate agent, creating and selling eBooks online can be an excellent way of making money passively. The best part? Creating eBooks is actually very easy and can be highly passive if you have an interested audience willing to pay for your content. For example, you can create an eBook that teaches people tips on buying homes that can save them thousands of dollars. People are more willing to pay for a product (or eBook) when they know it can provide them a return on investment. Once you promote your eBook and it starts to sell, you can start earning excellent monthly passive income.

To make it highly passive you can outsource services like writing editing and publishing on sites like Fiverr (learn more on our site here). There are many professional writers who can do the work for you. The goal is to create interesting content that keeps your readers interested in you and your content to keep them coming back for more. You can learn more about earning a passive income from eBooks as a real estate agent by reading our eBook guide below. In that guide, we show you how you can make an eBook for free!

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5. Chatbots

Chatbots?! Yep, you read that right. As a real estate agent, creating chatbots can be a lucrative way of earning a passive income. Nowadays, individuals and businesses are using bots for various purposes. You can earn a passive income from a Chatbot either by monetizing it for your own business, selling it, or by giving it to a business and earning a commission on sales or leads it generates. You can monetize your Chatbot for your Real Estate business by having it generate leads, advertising, conducting surveys, take care of customer support and more.

For example, you can create a Chatbot that answers the most common Real Estate related questions your customers have, and/or use it to curate leads. Creating Chatbots is actually easy, and there is no need to be a developer to do so.

If you have a website, you can easily add it to interact with your traffic or integrate it with Facebook Messenger to interact with people on your Facebook page. With the right strategies, you can earn excellent monthly passive income thanks to your Chatbot. For more details on how you can leverage bots and earn passive income from it as a real estate agent, please read our full chatbot guide.

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6. eCommerce

Selling products online is an easy way of making money passively. As a Real Estate agent, you can sell products from the comfort of your home through an eCommerce site built to earn passive income. However, your strategy to sell products online has to be made passive otherwise it will be an active source of income that requires your constant attention. For example, you can make eCommerce passive by outsourcing shipping and fulfillment with dropshipping or print-on-demand. For example, you can sell real estate related products or products that you use frequently through your site. With the right strategies and depending on the products, you can make excellent passive income from eCommerce.

The idea is to identify and capitalize on a niche to make the most out of your store. You can sell physical and digital products; you can also earn money through affiliate marketing, drop shipping, print on demand and many other ways. Creating an eCommerce store is easy with Ecwid eCommerce, but monetizing it and making good income can be a harder battle to tackle. If you combine some of the passive income ideas we have covered here (blogging, niche sites, YouTube) you can increase your chances of having a captive audience to sell to. If you’d like to learn more about eCommerce and how you can earn a passive income as a real estate agent, please read our full eCommerce guide here.

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7. Podcasting

Writing content may not be your favorite way of sharing knowledge. As a Real Estate agent, you can share knowledge by recording audio files (podcasts) and posting them to build an audience you can monetize. For example, you can share real estate-related information for a specific location and market that you serve (e.g. prime real estate in Ontario, Canada). All you need to do is to record, post and promote your podcasts. Once your podcast starts generating traffic and your audience grows, you can monetize it and earn a passive income from it.

Remember, creating and recording a podcast is easy but monetizing it requires a lot of patience and dedication in the beginning. Your content and marketing strategy is key to determine how fast you generate traffic, grows your audience, and maintain loyal followers. Some of the ways you can monetize your podcast include placing ads, affiliate marketing, selling products, sponsorships and more. You can also earn income through membership fees and donations.

Building a successful podcast business is not an easy task. However, with the right niche, content, monetization, hard work, skill, and with a few strategies you can learn from Project 24, you can earn excellent monthly passive income. For more details about podcasting and how to earn a passive income from it as a Real Estate agent, feel free to view our full podcasting for passive income guide.

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8. Investments

As a Real Estate agent, there are many passive income Investments that you can undertake to make money passively. These ideas require you to invest time and money in the beginning. Once they are up and running, you can earn money from them without doing much. Some of these investments include peer-to-peer lending sites.

People are reaping benefits by changing the way they use their credit cards. You can earn up to $50/month from cashback credit cards depending on how you shop. For more information about this passive income investment, please view our detailed guide. Many businesses also offer rewards and discount programs to maintain and grow their loyal customer base. Big corporations like Subway, Costco, and Walmart offer some of the most lucrative programs. As a real estate agent, you can save money or make some money by taking advantage of these programs. For more information about this passive income investment, check out our guide.

Bonus – Other [Evident] Passive Income Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Of course, as a Real Estate agent, well, investing in real estate can be an awesome way to make passive income, but you probably already know that. AirBnB (read our full AirBnB passive income guide here) is a great market for real estate agents since they know their city well. Maybe less evident, you could rent your property to film crews to make passive income. Love gaming? Check out this full gaming for passive income guide. Are you taking beautiful photos of properties around your town? Did you know you could sell them? Learn more about making passive income by selling stock photos and videos here. Keep in mind that most of the ideas we covered in this article can be combined to boost your passive income sources!

Related Questions

How much passive income can I make as a real estate agent? The amount of money you can make depends on the type of stream you are able and willing to do. Some passive income streams earn more money than others do so it is important for you to choose a stream you will enjoy. Better yet, you can combine two or more streams (e.g., you can run a monetized blog, YouTube channel and sell eBooks online) and earn more passive income in the process.

How long would it take before I start earning income passively? Every passive income stream offers unique periods before you can start earning passive income. Generally, the amount of time it takes before you break even depends on your individual effort, choice of niche and location of your business. You should make sure that you observe good management skills to prevent losing your money.

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