A Better Passive Income Mindset Blueprint

Having the right mindset while creating passive income is part of what is required for long-term success. We won’t be talking about the Law of attraction, reprogramming your subconscious mind, or treating passive income like winning the lottery. This article covers actionable things you can implement to put yourself in the right mindset to build a sustainable passive income stream.

How Much Passive Income Could You Make?

Knowing how much passive income you could make per month can be extremely helpful before building a passive income stream. We had a look at our most popular passive income ideas and broke them down to help you understand how much passive income they could make per month.

NFT Sales Surpass $730M USD!

NFTs are exploding in popularity! Here is more about what these new digital goods are, why they are so popular, and why they could become a way to make passive income online in the future.

12 Facts About Passive Income Niche Sites

Passive Income Online

A niche site is a website that caters to a specific audience or target market via content that answers their specific questions, interests, and needs. A niche site may cover topics geared towards a core market interested in hobbies, technology, food, or sports for example. Learn more here.

497 Inspiring Niche YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube Channel Niche Ideas

Some niche YouTube Channel ideas include 3D printing, amateur radio, beard care, engraving, robot combat, tarot, dutchoven cooking, curing meats, breakdancing, parkour, survivalism, 360 cameras, IoT, small business funding and AirBnB hosting for example. These are market segments you can address in YouTube videos or niche blogs.

Passive Income 101: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Passive Income Money

Passive income is a steady stream of income that does not require active maintenance. Passive income may take an important time or financial investment to setup, however, it can provide non-active income for years. Active income requires physical presence and time in order to produce revenue.

12 Benefits of Passive Income

Passive Income Benefits

Passive income offers many benefits compared to active income. Some benefits of passive income include lifted income limits, less commuting to work, more free time for hobbies and family, personal growth, ability to pursue personal passions, lack of company politics, more free time and in some cases better tax breaks compared to active income.

10 Ways Make Money With Print-on-Demand

print on demand sucess

Print-on-demand is a form of drop shipping that allows you to make and sell merchandise without having it in stock. When a customer places an order in your print-on-demand store, it is automatically sent to a fulfillment center that will print and ship the sold products for you. Learn more about making money with this idea here.

33 Side Hustle Ideas For 2021

side hustle ideas

Side hustle ideas include blogging, youtubing, 3D printing, narrating audiobooks, selling eBooks, chatbots, data entry, gaming, renting your things, selling on eBay and Craigslist, eCommerce, dropshipping, print-on-demand, affiliate marketing, delivering food, advertising on your car or renting your space on AirBnB. Learn more here!

Revenus Passifs avec l’impression à la demande

Passive Income Print on Demand

Vous avez peut-être entendu dire que l’impression à la demande (print-on-demand en anglais) est un moyen de générer un revenu passif, et c’est vrai. Il n’y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour commencer à gagner de l’argent avec l’impression à la demande. Après avoir aidé plusieurs marchands à configurer leurs magasins d’impression à la demande, … Read more

10 Passive Income Ideas for Software Developers

passive income software developer

Software developers can make passive income in a variety of ways from selling their own software, creating and selling chatbots, running or flipping monetized blogs, sharing their skills on YouTube, automating QA, affiliate marketing, selling their tools, and gaming. Learn more here.

21 Things You Can Sell on Craigslist for Cash

sell stuff online money

You can sell hundreds of items on Craigslist from antiques to automotive vehicles and parts, clothing, beauty and health items, CDs, DVDs, electronics, furniture, home appliances, sporting goods, tools, toys and games. Some examples include cell phones, cards, fishing rods, mattresses, washers, driers, air conditioners, books, consoles and more.

21 Passive Income Ideas for 2021

Passive Income 2021

Some ways to make passive income in 2021 include via a monetized blog, chatbots, flipping domain names, affiliate marketing, copywriting, data entry, a YouTube channel, eCommerce, dropshipping, print on demand, gaming, podcasting, or 3D Printing. Learn more in this article!

12 Passive Income Ideas For Web Developers

Passive income web developers

The median annual active income for web developers was $73,760 in May 2019. However, in order to transition from active to passive income, web developers can implement ideas such as creating and selling web-based chatbots, running monetized blogs, flipping profitable websites and domain names, developing and supporting API bridges, and more.

14 Things to Value Your Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Card Value

Pokemon card price values range from $0.05 to over $200,000 and the final price depends on factors such as rarity, condition, shape centring, proxies, type, set, year, print, edition, errors, language, and grading. In the end, a card is worth how much someone is willing to pay for it.

Passive Income Ghostwriting Music

Passive Income Ghost Writing Music Audio

You can earn passive income with ghostwriting music. So long as you have a passion for writing music, create authentic content, and use the right strategies to market your services and get clients, you can earn a decent passive income as a music ghostwriter. The idea is to identify the right music genre, create authentic and good music, and connect with willing artists.

27 Passive Income Quotes & Sayings

The article considers some of the most uplifting passive income quotes from successful people. Beginners and other passive income entrepreneurs face challenging situations that can be quite demotivating. It is important to remain motivated, persistent, and patient and reading a few quotes regularly can be a good starting point.

18 Passive Income Ideas to Start in Canada

Passive Income Ideas Canada

You can earn passive income in Canada from well-executed passive income ideas like blogging, podcasting, chatbots, eCommerce, niche sites, dropshipping, or print-on-demand for example. It is important to choose an idea you are passionate about or interested in learning because it takes skill, patience, dedication, and hard work in order to succeed.

14 Passive Income Ideas to Start in India

Passive Income in India Ideas

Some passive income ideas you can carry out in India include eCommerce, gaming, podcasting, monetized chatbots, niche sites, dropshipping, and blogging. You can also participate in side-hustles like food delivery apps, flipping items on craigslist, flipping domains, flipping items on eBay and more. Learn more here.

12 Passive Income Ideas to Start in The USA

Passive income USA

Some excellent passive income ideas that can be done in the USA include blogging, podcasting, monetizing chatbots, eCommerce, monetized niche sites, dropshipping, print-on-demand, and more. You can also engage in side-hustles like food delivery apps, or peer-to-peer rentals. It all depends on what you are able to do and passionate about.

10 Passive Income Ideas With No Money or Investments

passive income no financial money investment

Not every passive income idea requires a large financial investment. Some passive income ideas do not require any investment and are fairly easy to start. Some can be done online such as gaming, YouTubing or starting a blog, while others may include AirBnB, renting out your things, ridesharing, or advertising with your car. Learn more here.

6 Passive Income Streams for Chefs

Passive income chef

There are many passive income-earning opportunities for chefs. As long as you are passionate and knowledgeable in something (in the culinary world or otherwise), you can turn it into a passive income source. Passive income sources that may be ideal for chefs include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing and more. Learn more here.

Video Guide to Making eBooks

How To Make An eBook

You can easily make an eBook for free. You only need a Google account, a computer, and a stable internet connection and eBook content. Using Google Docs, you can create and format an eBook fairly quickly and easily. Learn more here.

Audiobook Narration For Beginners

passive income audio book narration beginners

There are many ways you can improve your narration skills. Some factors that affect narration include your posture, vocal cord exercises, intonation, your interest in the content and what you consume before narrating. With the right posture, healthy diet, and preparation, it is possible to produce high-quality audiobook content. Learn more here.

Making Passive Income With A Self Service Store

passive income self-service store

You can earn passive income from a self-service store with an ideal location, a loyal clientele, good business management, the initial investment required to build the business, and more. However, you have to outsource and automate parts of the business to make it a passive income stream. Learn more here.

17 Online Passive Income Ideas

side hustle passive income

There are tons of side hustle ideas you can undertake outside of your normal schedule or day job to earn passive income. Making passive income from a side hustle is not something new. Passive income ideas such as eBooks, eCommerce, podcasts, dropshipping, and stock photography can make for excellent side hustles. Most of these ideas are easy to start even for beginners. Learn more here.

9 Passive Income Ideas for Illustrators

Passive Income Ideas for Illustrators

As an illustrator, you can earn a passive income by sharing a passion via a passive income idea. Some ideas include print-on-demand, blogging, affiliate marketing, chatbots, podcasting or selling eBooks. Your choice depends on your interests and what you would like to share. You can combine ideas to create multiple streams of passive income. Learn more.

8 Passive Income Ideas for Real Estate Agents

passive income real estate agent

There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for real estate agents. Some streams include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, chatbots, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing, YouTubing and many more. With hard work, dedication, and skill, you can turn your passion into a passive income stream. Learn more here.

How to Make Money Selling Chatbots

passive income sell chatbots make money small

You can make an excellent income by creating and selling chatbots. One way of monetizing your blog is by selling it to a company/business or offering it to them for free, and earning a commission on sales from it. Many businesses are willing to buy chatbots to automate parts of their sales, support, and marketing processes. Learn more here.

9 Ways to Make Money From a Chatbot​

Make money chatbots bot

You can make money from chatbots in a variety of ways. You can monetize your chatbot with affiliate marketing, eCommerce, advertising, lead generation, surveys, landing page, and sales funnel processes. You could also sell your chatbot to businesses to reduce customer support overhead. Learn more here!

How to Sell eBooks on Your Own Website

How to Sell eBooks on Your Own Website passive income

It is possible for you to create and sell eBooks on your website. eCommerce tools such as Ecwid make it super easy to sell products online. For instance, if you run a niche site on educational content you can create and sell eBooks about your niche topics and earn income through your online store. Learn more here.

6 Passive Income Ideas For Lawyers

passive income lawyer

There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for lawyers. So long as you are passionate or knowledgeable in something, you can turn it into a passive income source. Some easy streams you can earn passive income from include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing and many more. Learn more here.

10 Ways to Create Multiple Sources of Passive Income

Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Yes, you can create multiple streams of passive income by combining different passive income ideas. Online, you could combine affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, and Ad placement, and monetized chatbots. If you were running passive income businesses (brick and mortar) you could combine a laundromat with an ATM, self-service vending machines and more. Learn more here!

8 Passive Income Ideas For Massage Therapists

Passive Income Ideas for Massage Therapists

There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for massage therapists. Some streams include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, Chatbots, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing and many more. If you are passionate about massage therapy, you can build a passive income stream to turn it into a passive income source. Learn more here.

What are Passive Income Streams?

Passive Income Money

Passive income streams are sources of income that enable a person to make a regular, sustainable income without having to trade time for money. Although the income you earn is passive, it takes time, money, effort and skill to initially build, and then run a passive income stream to keep it profitable. Learn more here.

6 Awesome 3D Printing Money Making Ideas

Money 3d printing

You can make money 3D Printing, even if you are a beginner. Some ways you can make money 3D printing include selling 3D printed objects, leasing your 3D printer, offering 3D printing training, or creating 3D printed models. You do not have to have advanced development or design skills to get started. Learn more here.

9 Passive Income Ideas For Students

making passive income

You can earn passive income as a student by dedicating time to building a passive income stream. Some great ideas for students include blogging, building niche sites, selling digital products, charging scooters, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing and more. Learn more here.

8 Passive Income Ideas For Artists

Passive Income Ideas for Artists

Artists can make income passively, but not just from their artwork. The growth of technology and especially the internet has brought about many opportunities that artists can use to grow their income streams like blogging, affiliate marketing, print-on-demand services, eCommerce, 3D Printing and more. Learn more here.

8 Passive Income Ideas For Teachers

passive income for teacher

There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for teachers. So long as you are passionate or knowledgeable in something, you can turn it into a passive income source. Some passive income streams teachers can build can include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, chatbots, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing and many more. Learn more here.

12-Step Guide to Dropshipping Passive Income

passive income dropshipping

Hundreds of people are talking about how they make six-figure passive income dropshipping products online. Some are selling a few high-ticket items every month, others are selling hundreds of low-ticket items. How much you can actually make depends on profit margins and expenses, which are often overlooked. Learn more here.

10 Passive Income Ideas From Home

passive income jobs from home

Technology has made it possible for people to make money without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Online passive income sources include blogging, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, 3D printing, chatbots, and data entry which, when setup correctly, can generate consistent streams of income over a long period of time. Learn more here.

6 Ways to Make Passive Income as a Teenager

You can earn passive income as a teenager. Some passive income ideas you can carry out as a teen include blogging, gaming, YouTubing, creating niche sites, and selling digital products online. Most ideas require you to be 18 and above, but you can start some of them by earning passive income with the help of a trusted adult (parent, guardian, relative or friend). Learn more here.

6 New Passive Income Opportunities

passive income crypto

There are many emerging passive income opportunities. Most of these are online-based and include gaming (live streaming), cryptocurrency, chatbots, and print-on-demand. Offline ideas include 3D Printing and renting your home to film crews. You can make passive income from these new opportunities if set up correctly. Learn more here.