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Learn how you can quickly and easily sell merch online with Printful. Honest disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links that help support our work. We actually use these products and love each of them. Thank you for your support!

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Overall Rating

Excellent passive income idea for influencers with an audience they would like to monetize and those who want to sell merch online.

Value for Money

Excellent. Printful is free to use, only pay when you make a sale. Printful will fulfill orders in your name, from printing to shipping and returns.

Earning Potential

Excellent earning potential if you create and sell a popular design. The bulk of the work on your end consists of marketing it to your audience.

Beginner Friendly

Selling merch online is very beginner-friendly and Printful is super easy to use. It’s easy to set up, create your designs and get selling online.

Easily Create Custom Products

Printful allows you to easily create and sell custom products online. They offer print on demand, drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services. You do not have to print and deliver the products yourself, they take care of it for you!

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You can print on a number of things with prihtful. Some things you can print your designs on include hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, posters, tote bags, pillow cases, swim suits, socks, dresses, leggings, hats, jewelry, fanny packs, phone cases, backpacks and more! 


Soft and light. Just the right amount of stretch. Comfortable. Unisex cut is flattering for both men and women.


Print awesome designs on top quality mugs. Print on 11oz or 15oz mugs.


Custom wall art from posters to canvas prints are available with Printful.

Tote Bags

Print promotional tote bags. Printed individually by Printful’s experts.

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Other Tools You May Need For Print-on-Demand Success

Put all the chances of success on your side with these tools that can help save you time and boost your income. Learn how to setup Printful quickly and easily with the course below. Connect your store to your social accounts to boost your traffic. Learn more below.

Print-on-Demand Course

Learn how to setup Printful quickly and easily. This course was created by one of our contributors, who is an Ecwid eCommerce Expert with over 10 years eCommerce experience. It was created in collaboration with another YouTuber, Toasted Gamer Boutique who successfully makes passive income from gaming.

Learn how to sell beautifully designed custom shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters and accessories online without any physical stock. Ideal for Instagrammers, YouTubers, Podcasters and anyone who wants to learn how to efficiently setup Printful to sell merch online. The course includes tools to track orders and profits.

We highly recommend this very compact, concise and complete Print-on-Demand course for beginners. You can learn a lot from this course and the store you will have created at the end of the course can be added to any website builder. Learn more in the video to the right.

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Ecwid eCommerce – Sell Merch on Social Media

Connect your Printful store to Ecwid eCommerce to be able to sell in multiple places online. If you already have a website you can connect your store to your existing WordPress, WIX or Weebly website. Ecwid also allows you to use Instagram Shopping and Facebook Store features. Learn more in the video to the right.

Get the Ecwid eCommerce

Fiverr – Get Your Designs Created For You

Don’t have any design skills? Have your designs created for you on Fiverr. Fiverr is a Marketplace that provides you access to hundreds of designers worldwide who can create awesome designs for you at a very affordable cost. Learn more about Fiverr by clicking on the button below.

Learn More About Fiverr

Learn More About Print-on-Demand

Learn more about how you can make passive income with print-on-demand in the beginner guide on our site. Click on the button below to learn more about print-on-demand.

Learn More About Print-on-Demand