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Passive income streams have become a common way for many people to make extra income. Nowadays, you can earn a decent income working from home through online passive income ideas. For example, in the US, approx. 5.2% of people worked from home in 2017 (source).

Passive income ideas that can be done from home, at the office or online include blogging, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, 3D printing, creating and selling chatbots and data entry. When setup correctly, these ideas can generate consistent streams of passive income.

In this guide, we look at some of the passive income jobs that you can do from home and how you can turn each one of them into a steady stream of passive income. Like most passive income ideas, setting up this business takes time, effort, skill and a lot of commitment. Let’s get started.

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1. Blogging

Making passive income blogging is becoming more and more popular. It is very convenient and you can work from anywhere, including the comfort of your home. Over 77% of internet users regularly read blogs (source). As more people look for alternative ways to make money blogging is emerging as a highly preferred option. All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop or PC, and good content to share with the world. With the right niche and excellent content, you can grow your audience, monetize your blog, and start earning passive income. Watch Ricky’s video below to learn more:

We love Project 24 by Rick and Jim which teaches ways you can earn a full-time income with a monetized blog within 24 months. Creating and running a successful blog from the comfort of your home requires time, hard work, skill and consistency. Initially, you have to put in a lot of hours to create, edit and publish content. There is also a lot of time involved with creating your first site. But you can cut down that time significantly by following the right course  With the right monetization strategy, your blog can start earning you passive income. Check out our guide for more information on blogging.

How to Make Passive Income Blogging

2. eCommerce

Taking part in e-commerce is a very popular way of making passive income. In most cases, you never have to leave your home. There are many popular online marketplaces that can help you make your earnings more passive, including eBay, Amazon. You can choose to sell products you don’t stock physically and have a warehouse handle the shipping and packing for you (dropshipping).

You can also sell things you have around your home, but this may not be as passive. eCommerce can help you generate income consistently, and if you are good at it, you can make quite a lot. For more information on how you can make a passive income from eCommerce, check out our guide.

How to Make Passive Income With eCommerce

3. Creating Knowledge Bases

You can setup knowledge bases for companies without ever having to leave your house. Knowledge bases are extremely important for any web-based apps since they provide customer support 24/7. A recent survey shows that 67% of online consumers use self-service support. You can generate quality income by creating knowledge bases for companies. Of course, this is active income, but you can outsource a large amount of the work making it much more passive. Learn more in the course below.

Learn How To Build Knowledge Bases

4. Creating Niche Sites

Creating a niche site can help you make good amounts of passive income without ever having to leave your house. Income school’s Project 24 teaches ways to earn passive income with a niche site within 24 months, but you have to be willing to put in the hard work at the beginning. With your niche site set up correctly by following their tested and proven strategies, you can earn $1,000/month by running a niche site. Since niche sites appeal to a specific audience, you are more likely to be successful if you create a site that focuses on something that interests you.

With a growing audience, you can monetize your site and earn passive income through ads, affiliate marketing, selling merch, offering courses, email marketing, selling eBooks and more. With time, and with a couple of successful niche sites under your belt, you can earn thousands of dollars monthly as passive income. For more details about niche sites and making passive income from them, please check out our guide.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with Niche Sites

5. Selling Stock Photos & Videos

Selling stock photos and videos is a passive way to make an income from your home. All you need are some good quality photos, and videos. There are dozens of places you can list your stock photos and videos for sale. Some popular stock photo marketplaces include Shutterstock and Alamy. This income idea is very passive and you need little capital to get you started. Check out our guide for more information on how to make a passive income from selling stock photos.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with Stock Photos

6. 3D Printing

You can make a passive income by running 3D printing services from your house. The industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years, with more growth expected (source). 3D printing software is available online and this idea is accessible to beginners, you do not have to be a developer to give it a try. Sites like Thingiverse allow you to download ready prints and send them directly to your printer. 3D printing can be a good paying job, but the level of passiveness will mostly depend on your niche decision. Click here to find out more in our 3D printing guide.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with 3D Printing

7. Affiliate Marketing

Taking part in affiliate marketing programs is a good way to make a passive income from home. Marketing companies and businesses are always looking for people to promote their products. All you have to do is choose a product that you would like to promote. It should be something you really like or are passionate about. Confirm whether they have an affiliate marketing program, or see if it supported by one like Amazon associates.

You can then market your product on some of the popular online platforms. You receive income from commissions on sales you generate. Affiliate marketing is a highly passive means of making an income. Click on our guide for more on how you can make an income from affiliate marketing.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

8. YouTube

YouTube is fast becoming a popular way for many people to make money without having to leave their homes. You can generate passive income from the videos you post on YouTube. YouTube pays monetized accounts for adverts that run on their pages, you can also earn from affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and e-commerce. Some also use YouTube to sell premium videos and other digital products. With excellent content and a growing audience, you can monetize your channel by also placing ads, affiliate marketing, selling digital and physical products, with endorsements and more.

Currently, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4k hours of watch time in the last 365 for your channel be put under review for monetization. Making and running a monetized account will take time and effort. Earning income from YouTube is very passive, but it takes a lot of dedication, hard work and skill to build a successful YouTube channel. Check out our guide  f you would like to learn more about making passive income with a monetized YouTube channel.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with YouTube

9. Podcasts

Creating and monetizing podcasts is not as hard as it sounds. Podcasts are becoming more common in today’s online community. Some ways to make money from podcasts include ad placement, affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Creating a podcast is a moderately passive means of generating income since you have to create content regularly to keep your audience engaged. However, you can make passive income from your episodes for many years. Choosing the right niche will save you a lot of time and money when you create a podcast. Learn more about how to make money with a podcast in the guide on our site.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with Podcasts

10. eBooks

Creating eBooks is actually very easy. Many people get caught up in the technicalities but you can actually create an eBook completely for free from the comfort of your home! You can make an income by creating eBooks and then selling them to online customers. You can write about any topic you like.

Some people hire the services of a ghostwriter who does the work for them making their earnings more passive. Selling eBooks is a highly passive means of making an income if they are evergreen and appeal to an audience who purchases them from you. Platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allow you to write, upload and sell your words easily. Getting your book written, edited, promoted and so on, may require time and money but once it is completed and uploaded, your work is done and the income you earn is passive. Check out this guide on our site for more information on how you can make passive income from eBooks.

Learn How To Make Passive Income with eBooks

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How can I generate passive income? You can generate passive income through traditional investments, or through online work. Creating the latter takes time, effort, skill and hard work, but once set up, you can make excellent passive income depending on the idea. For example, following the right methodologies, a blog can make excellent passive income.

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