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Beginners Passive Income is all about passive income ideas for beginners to inspire them to learn more about passive income. The site contains passive income ideas, guides, motivation, inspiration and everything in between.

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We are passionate about passive income and want to share our experience and research with you.

When we started learning about what passive income is a couple years ago, we found it very hard to find authentic, relatable content on the internet about making passive income. So many channels don’t go into details on how they make passive income and try to sell you $10k+ info-products to learn more. Hmm, wonder how they make passive income? 🙂 Others exaggerate the amount of money you can make so their videos more appealing. We just don’t relate to guys calling us “poor little bi****s” in their ads (there really is an ad that does this), standing next to Lambourghinis or walking around an office filming themselves. We just don’t.

Our favorite passive income blogs and channels offer high quality content (e.g. blogs posts, courses, podcasts, guides, tips etc.) with detailed, step-by-step information on how you can earn money from a passive income idea. The best channels are real about what it really takes to make income passively. And it is not for everyone! They don’t exaggerate the amount of money you can make, they consider costs, expenses, and how seasonal the idea is. And especially, do not shy away from the fact that it takes time to generate income passively, no matter your initial skillset. The best channels don’t aggressively sell you their own products either. They put value first. We want to be one of those blogs. 

It takes time, effort, perseverance, motivation and skill to build profitable, sustainable passive income streams. If you have the motivation and skill to do it, we hope to inspire you and provide you excellent passive income ideas. Hit subscribe on our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram and check out our long list of passive income ideas here.

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