Passive income for introverts

So you are an introvert who may prefer avoiding social overload. What if we told you there are many ways you can make money without having to deal with people? As an introvert myself, I started by offering ghostwriting and blogging and I could not believe the amount of money I was making for doing the things I liked! Looking back, I have come to realize that I could have done a lot more if I wanted to.

How can you make money passively as an introvert? There are many passive income ideas you can consider. Some of the most passive ideas include blogging, selling your stock photos and videos, gaming and taking part in affiliate marketing programs. We have some passive income ideas for introverts that generate enough money to build and maintain good livelihoods so that you can work from home.

In this guide, I will show you 12 Passive Income Ideas for introverts that are remarkably easy to carry out, and flexible enough to allow you to participate in other activities. If you are an introvert looking for ideas to earn some extra income passively, this guide is for you. For more details about each specific idea, learn more by clicking on the orange button or the adjacent image. It will bring you to the full guide on our site! So let’s dive right in.

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1. Blogging


If you are looking for a good way to earn some extra income, you could consider blogging – but not blogging about yourself! We mean blog about things people are actually searching for on the web. Creating and running a blog is fairly easy. All you need is a good computer, an internet connection, and a few hours a day. Bloggers can make $1,000 monthly with the right content and monetization strategies. Blogging can be a fun way to make money passively. To be a successful blogger, you have to stand out of the crowd and write about things that answer people’s questions. Readers prefer blogs that are rich in content and easy to understand. You can choose between different topics or work on a single topic. To generate income, all you need is to monetize your high traffic blog, and the Project 24 Course is a good place to get you started. This course explains exactly how to make passive income as a blogger, and up to $7,000/month after 24 months. Learn more in our blogging guide.

Learn More About Blogging in Our Guide

How passive is blogging for introverts? Blogging can be a highly passive means of generating extra income. Bloggers can eventually spend a short amount of time to maintain their blogs. You can even do this in your free time or after work. Having a monetized blog could give you some additional passive income as long as people keep on visiting your site and it is well monetized. There are many ways to monetize a blog, learn more here.

2. Sell Stock Photos and Videos

Do you have idle photos and videos lying around? You can make passive income from them. Selling stock photos and videos is a passive way of making money especially as an introvert. All you have to do is to sell your popular videos and pictures with photo and video platforms. However, it may take time to fully build your account and sell your photos. Just choose a good site, register, and upload. Make sure you upload the best HD photos in your collection. Selling stock photos gives you a wide range of options, for example, you can work on different topics such as nature, landscapes, people, and architecture and could earn hundreds of dollars monthly (source). Ensure you have good photography skills to get the best HD pics and sell them for more money. You can choose between sites like shutter stock, Evanto Market and Story Blocks that are good for uploading your photos. All you need is to register your account and start selling. Upload frequently and make sure that you offer fresh content. After a few years, your work could pay off and start earning you some good money. Learn more in this guide.

Learn More About Selling Stock Photos in Our Guide

How passive is selling stock photos and videos? Selling your photos is a very passive way to make some extra income. You could make a livelihood off of old videos and photos. If you are an introvert with a liking for art and photos then this may be worth a try.

3. Gaming (No Need to Face Reveal)

The gaming industry has grown tremendously over the last few years and people are making good  money from it (source). As an introvert, you can choose from many games in the market today so you’ll have no trouble finding at least one video game that you like. Choose popular games if you want to attract a good following. You can learn how to know if a game is popular by searching for it in Google Trends and comparing your ideas. This video on our channel explains how to. A few of the best ways to make money through gaming is using sites such as Twitch and YouTube to broadcast your gaming skills to the world. This includes playing online games on live stream with other players. You should be good at video games if you want to attract subscribers. YouTube will only review accounts with 1,000 subscribers and 4k watch hours in 365 days for monetization. A good gamer can also monetize their YouTube accounts to generate even more revenue with affiliate offers and eBooks. Gaming can provide a passive and steady means of income when done right. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Gaming in Our Guide

How Passive is gaming for introverts? When you get started, you will have to put in a lot of effort (like hours, and hours, months and even years of work). There are many gamers out there so finding your niche will require some hard work. As time goes by, if you stick with a regular posting schedule and provide content people subscribe to and watch, it will become more and more passive. A cool thing about this idea for introverts is that you can make money without showing your face.

4. Flipping Domain Names


If you are looking for a passive way of making an income as an introvert, you could consider flipping domains. Flipping domain names does not require much effort once purchased. Domain flipping involves buying and selling domains. It is like the real estate of the internet. You buy domains at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price. You can make good money selling domains to different buyers. Ensure that you have a sufficient budget and do your research for the best domains on the market to possibly make thousands of dollars monthly flipping them. Look for popular domains that will be easy to sell. This investment will take some time so do not expect quick returns overnight. It is easy to purchase a domain name online. You can consider sites like that has plenty of domains available for sale. We demo how to in this video on YouTube. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Flipping Domains in Our Guide

How passive is domain flipping? This idea is passive at the sales stage. You will have to buy, hold, and sell domains if you want to make an income. It can take a lot of time and research, but the returns can be excellent.

5. Copywriting


If you are an introvert looking for a passive means of earning some extra income you can consider becoming an online copywriter. Copywriters can make up to 1,500$ a month by writing articles for others. As a copywriter, you deliver high quality writing to clients all over the globe on various for blogs, companies, businesses etc. The more subjects you can write about as copywriter, the better. You get to write on your fields of interest and make money doing so. Before becoming a copywriter try to gain experience by taking part in freelancing projects. As you get better, you can decide to develop a blog, monetize it, and income passively over time. You can also choose to open a copywriting agency, employ writers on your firm, and make more money passively. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Copywriting in Our Guide

How passive is copywriting for introverts? Copywriting can become passive in the long run as you grow your skills. As a beginner, you will have strict time deadlines to meet even as you ensure that you deliver quality work. Running a personal blog can be more passive and provide high returns but will take time to grow and attract enough traffic. Running an agency will require good management and coordination and is sometimes less passive.

6. Chatbots


Creating Chatbot can be a good way for introverts to generate a passive income. They provide quick responses to users on different queries and most businesses use them to maintain client relationships and offer additional products or services. Also, they are in high demand. It is important that you plan to monetize your Chatbot if you want to earn money passively. You can use the Chatbot to take part in advertising, eCommerce, generating leads, affiliate marketing and other monetization strategies to make money doing it – as long as you maintain a steady flow of traffic and a well monetized bot. You can use this influence to persuade companies to offer commissions from sales and leads that happen through your bot. Some key things to create a successful Chatbot lie in choosing the perfect niche, creating the right chat flows, and having high interaction from users.

Learn More About Chatbots in Our Guide

How passive are Chatbots as a means of generating income? Chatbots can be a profitable means to earn a passive income. They are highly automated computer programs that, once setup, require little human assistance to operate. Making a profitable Chatbot is a highly engaging process that will require a substantial about of time and effort. Once you are able to make useful, well-monetized Chatbots you can possibly receive good returns over time.

7. Audio Books


Do you like reading books? Maybe you could consider reading them outloud and getting paid for it. Audio books are becoming more popular today, as more people prefer listening to the content rather than reading it. If you request to receive a commission on the book sales, you can make great passive income if it is popular. All you need is good reading skills, laptop, internet connection, and a good mic system. You can choose to read other people’s content out loud for a flat fee or a commission on books sales, or your own content. No matter which you choose, make sure that you deliver good quality to your listeners or else they will not listen to your narrations. Check out our recommended gear for our low-cost, high quality mic suggestions. Payment can be in the form of an hourly salary or royalties. You can also translate books to different languages to diversify your number of clients. Ensure you look for popular books before choosing one to narrate and have the right to narrate it (work for the author or publisher). If you are interested in getting started, check out our page on Fiverr for more info. Learn more in our guide below.

Learn More About Audiobooks in Our Guide

How passive are audio books as a means of generating income? Narrating books is a rather passive means of making money though you will only feel this after putting in some effort. As your audio books sell, you will receive a steady stream of income. Some narrators will take part in podcasts to maximize on their popularity and influence. Having a good following will give you a bigger margin of returns if you are selling your own books.

8. Cashback Credit Cards

When you think of a credit card, it is easy to think of debt, but if you can learn how to utilize a cashback credit card, you can earn some passive income from it. Cashback credit cards will offer you certain percentage when you use them in a transaction. The cards offer different rates depending on their uses. Flat rate cards will give you a standard percentage while bonus cash back credit cards offer higher rates on other products. Some credit card companies will also give promotional bonuses when you apply for a cashback credit card. Once you are ready to use the cards you can approach a bank or other institution that offers this service, register and start using your card for transactions. Cashback credit cards can help you save/earn hundreds of dollars monthly depending on how you use them. Of course, this idea is not for you if you do not pay off your cards every month, otherwise this idea will cost you way more than the potential return. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Cashback Credit Cards in Our Guide

How passive are cash back credit cards? These cards are very passive. However, this idea is not very scalable and not highly profitable and requires you to spend money. If you are receiving a return on the money you usually spend (for example on utilities such as electricity, water and internet) then why not get a small return on your regular spending. All you have to do is to maintain good spending habits and use the card only when necessary. As an introvert, you can use this means to get bonuses and travel trips free or sponsored by credit card companies. 

9. Flipping Items on Craigslist

Introverts looking for some extra passive income could consider using peer-to-peer advertising sites such as Craigslist to trade products and make passive income. It is quite simple to flip products online and make a profit doing so. You need to find products that are easy to sell and have a high demand on the market. From there you can identify products with a high resale value if you want to have better profits. Sometimes all you need is a different description and some slight improvements on your product for it to have a significant increase in value. You can also sell your products on other sites (like eBay or Amazon) at higher prices. Flipping products on craigslist also doubles up as a good side hustle especially when you are low on cash. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Flipping Items in Our Guide

How passive is flipping products on Craigslist? This is not a very passive means of making money since you will be occasionally required to engage with your clients and sometimes even meet up when delivering the product. Your rate of income will also depend on your ability to sell a product quickly. You could make it more passive by selling on eBay or outsourcing the work. Sometimes this takes time and may require you to have some patience. In time, you might find yourself making a few hundred dollars weekly. 

10. Rent Your Bike

Passive Income Bike Rentals

Renting out your personal bike can earn you some extra income without much of your effort. Many sites such as Spinlister can offer you a good means of making money off that bike, skateboard, or snowboard that you do not usually use. You do not have to worry about people stealing your bike since you have insurance against loss and theft. You are also free from liability in case of an accident or injury involving your bike. You can make up to $500 in a month by sharing your bike. You just drop off your bike at a designated point or you can deliver it in person. You should conduct a full inspection of your bike to ensure that it is in the right state before renting it out to others. If you are looking to maximize on this chance you have the option of renting out more than on bike at a time. This gives you additional income. The site handles the payments and communication between parties. Learn more in our guide.

Learn More About Renting Your Bike in Our Guide

How passive is renting a bike as a means of creating passive income? This is a very passive way to make money. You can put a padlock on your bike and let renters access it freely if you do not want to deal with them in person. It’s a quick way to make passive income with little effort. You can always make the process even more passive by starting a business, but this may not be for all introverts. Depending on demand and location, this can be a great business (source). Your income will become even more passive once you hire people to work for you. If you want to start your own rental, make sure you have a registered business with adequate tools for repairs. You can also consider renting many bikes to cope with the demand. Running and maintaining your business will require you to have good accounting and management skills but you can also hire a manager to assist you and make your income even more passive.

11. Rent Your Parking Spot


As an introvert who is looking for ways to make some passive income, this one is probably the most passive on the list. You can try renting out your parking spot. It is so easy to do so and will only require a little of your time to develop a good profile of your parking space. Before you consider renting out your parking space to others, consult with your property owner or your real estate manager. Some cities do not allow renting out public parking spaces and you might find yourself in trouble if you do not check with the authorities. However, we are not your lawyers or tax specialists so consult a certified professional locally for more info. You will have more chances of success if your parking space is in a good location. 

All you need is to open an account with a peer-to-peer platform and fill in some details concerning your parking space. From there you can give information on how available it is and lastly publish your listing. The platform will connect potential customers to your spot. Some may choose to pay in monthly fees while others pay daily. This is totally worth your time since you will require very little investment. You can also compare different prices and choose the best offer that you get. You can earn close to 100$ per month by offering your idle parking space depending on location and demand. Learn more in our guide below.

Learn More About Renting Your Bike in Our Guide

How passive is renting out your parking space as a means of generating passive income? This is a very passive way to generate some money. Parking peer-to-peer platforms will manage your space and help in processing some of the payments. When you have a good parking space, you will be able to attract many customers without putting up much of an effort. Make sure to give a good and clear description of your space if you want to attract people who will judge your parking slot by the description that you have given.

12. eCommerce

A good way that an introvert can make passive income online is with eCommerce. You can maximize on the growing influence of eCommerce to make some extra money on the side. There are different ways to make money passively through eCommerce, and some of these methods are less time consuming than others. You can sell products that you physically own, or that you do not physically have. You can also sell physical or digital products. Learn more about the basics of eCommerce in the video below, it is a thorough guide explaining your options.

When handling products that you do not own, you can choose drop shipping, print on demand or affiliate marketing as a way of selling products without having to pack and ship them. Some platforms such as Ecwid (learn more in our guide) makes it much easier for you to market and advertise your products online which is the main job involved in selling products you do not physically have. Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce solution that allows you to sell on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your products and expand your market. Some forms of eCommerce will be more active to you than others. Choose something you like and are passionate about. When using eCommerce for passive income, consider goods that are in high demand, long lasting and have a good return on investment. Learn more in our full eCommerce guide.

Learn More About eCommerce in Our Guide

How passive is eCommerce as a way of creating passive income? eCommerce can be passive in the long term. This depends on the niche that you choose to trade in. You can also choose you take part in highly passive forms such as making affiliate commissions or dropshipping.


Making a passive income is a good way to compliment or even replace on your monthly salary. If you are an introvert who prefers to work indoors, then some of the ideas here will interest you all the more. The most pleasing aspect of passive income is that it does not require you to work on it continuously. A few simple projects can give you a sustainable stream of income for a long time. Some of the ideas can be challenging to introverts. Your desired level of passiveness and the speed at which you want to make passive income will have an effect on the choice you make.

Related Questions

How do introverts make money? Introverts can make money in different ways that do not require social interaction including blogging, selling stock photos and videos, gaming (no face reveal), flipping items online, rentals, ecommerce (dropshipping, print on demand etc) and domain flipping.

Are there any specific things I need to know before choosing a passive income generating idea? Chose a passive income idea that you are passionate about. The idea itself may not be passionate, but the topic should be. For example, if you want to start blogging, choose a topic that inspires you to write about. Some people just dive in without having done adequate research on their respective niches. This can cause you to fail and lose your investments. Different ideas will need a different set of skills to manage successfully. You should be careful when making your choice and pay special attention to the market demand.

How much do I need to run a successful passive income generating idea? Each idea is unique in that it has a different set of requirements in order to actualize. Some ideas require a lot of time investment and others will require you to invest money. Approach each idea as a separate concept and consider the best way to execute it.

 How can I make more income that is passive? This will mostly depend on your routine and idea. Some passive income ideas can be considered as a complementary means of earning extra money. You can combine a few ideas like participating in different monetization techniques to boost your levels of income. For example, you can combine photography and using a cashback credit card to cater for your travel expenses. In order to make an idea as passive as possible, consider outsourcing and automating.