Passive Income Resources

When you’re building passive income sources for the first time you will realize there are a lot of different resources, tools, courses and apps to choose from. It can be intimidating! Here are some of our favourites that we use every day. This page contains affiliate links: this site is a participant in affiliate programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to their sites and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. See our disclosure.

#1 Passive Income Course: Project 24​

At Income School, Ricky and Jim teach how to scale an internet business by blogging and on YouTube in their course Project 24. Over 200 members are making $1,000 per month, and over 70 members are making a full time passive income online thanks to their methods. We are members and love their course!

POD Passive Income: Printful​

Printful a great solution for designers, artists, business owners and creators who want to sell branded products or merchandise. Sell t-shirts, mugs, bags, pillow cases, phone cases and more with no upfront costs or stock. Create designs in Prihtful, or upload your own designs, or get it done on Fiverr.

eCommerce Passive Income: Ecwid

Everyone is promoting Shopify for eCommerce and dropshipping, but is it really the best solution out there? It’s definitely not the cheapest! Ecwid eCommerce is our favourite eCommerce solution to sell online because they have a free version you can get started with, and provide the ability to connect your store to high traffic platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram Shopping.

Chatbot Passive Income: Tidio

Tidio is awesome to create a chatbot that you can monetize. Tidio allows you to quickly and easily create a bot without the the need to code. A well-built chatbot can help customers find what they are looking for, cross-sell or up-sell products, generate affiliate income, profitable generate leads, sales and more! Make a passive income bot with Tidio today!

Freelancing Sidehustles: Fiverr

Get the job done or make some extra cash on Fiverr! If you want to freelance and start making side-hustle money, Fiverr can be an excellent place to start. If you are looking to get a job done for a low cost, like creating a voice-over for an audiobook or a cool design for a print-on-demand shirt, Fiverr is can be a great place to go!

Get A Domain & Hosting: SiteGround

Want to flip domain names online for profit? A great place to buy and hold domain names is SiteGround! Some view domain name flipping like ‘virtual real-estate’ in that you can purchase a domain name and hold it until it sells. Check out the video above for more info on domain flipping for passive income.

Passive Income Books

If you want to learn more about passive income, here is our top selection of books on the topic. From motivation, to inspiration, to how to tutorials and beyond, we have compiled a list of the best passive income books around.

Top Selection Of Passive Income Books

Passive Income Sheets

Get our digital documents on this page include our Savings Budget Document and 300 Passive Income ideas. You can download these documents to your device from this page.

Top Selection Of Passive Income Sheets

More Passive Income Ideas

This page contains our favourite passive income ideas for beginners. This page regroups all the guides on our site and contains over 50 passive income ideas for beginners. We also include access to a document that contains over 300 passive income ideas for beginners. Check them out!