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Making Passive Income With A Self Service Store

passive income self-service store

You can earn passive income from a self-service store with an ideal location, a loyal clientele, good business management, the initial investment required to build the business, and more. However, you have to outsource and automate parts of the business to make it a passive income stream. Learn more here.

6 Ways to Make an Active Business More Passive

How to Make a Business More Passive

If you currently run a business and are still highly tied to daily operations, then you may want to know how you can make your business more passive. Without putting processes and tools in place to make your business more passive, you will be tied to physically running your operation every day, and making an hourly wage instead of a passive income. Learn more here.

Passive Income With a Food Truck

passive income money food truck

In order for your food truck business to be passive, you need to build it to become passive. You may be actively involved in the business before being able to delegate, outsource and automate the work to employees. This needs to be your end goal, or you will always remain actively involved in your food truck business. Learn more here.

Passive Income with a Laundromat

passive income laundromat

You can earn passive income from a laundromat. You need an ideal location, a large and loyal clientele, and good business management skills. A laundromat can be a lucrative passive income source. Like any other business, managing your laundromat will determine how much money you make and how fast you can start earning passive income from it. Learn more here.

Passive Income With an ATM

passive income ATM business

The ATM business has been growing since 2008. With 8-10 transactions per month, that could mean about $600 for the machine owner without considering ongoing fees. Learn more about making passive income from an ATM machine in this guide.

Passive Income with MLM

passive income mlm beginner

You can make passive income from MLM, however it will take time to transform an active MLM business into a passive one. Some ways to do so include recruiting a larger sales team and focusing on more residual income such as commissions, royalties and bonuses.

Passive Income With an Automatic Car Wash

Passive income Automatic Car Wash

Quote from Chuck King on LinkedIn: “I used to own a self serve car wash that would net around $50,000 where I owned the land and the business.“ With the example above, that comes to $4,000/month of passive income. You can imagine how much passive income owning a couple of these business operations can earn you. Learn more here.

Passive Income Selling Ice Cream

passive income selling icecream

People love ice cream, which is why the sound of an ice cream truck approaching always gets people excited at the prospect of sampling these beloved treats. But did you know that there is quite a bit of passive income to be made off the ice cream selling business? Some ice cream trucks make well over $1,000 a week selling these frozen delicacies.