12 Benefits of Passive Income

Passive Income Benefits

Passive income offers many benefits compared to active income. Some benefits of passive income include lifted income limits, less commuting to work, more free time for hobbies and family, personal growth, ability to pursue personal passions, lack of company politics, more free time and in some cases better tax breaks compared to active income.

What are Passive Income Streams?

Passive Income Money

Passive income streams are sources of income that enable a person to make a regular, sustainable income without having to trade time for money. Although the income you earn is passive, it takes time, money, effort and skill to initially build, and then run a passive income stream to keep it profitable. Learn more here.

6 Ways to Make an Active Business More Passive

How to Make a Business More Passive

If you currently run a business and are still highly tied to daily operations, then you may want to know how you can make your business more passive. Without putting processes and tools in place to make your business more passive, you will be tied to physically running your operation every day, and making an hourly wage instead of a passive income. Learn more here.

11 Millionaires & Billionaires Prove Passive Income is Not a Myth

Passive Income Online

Hundreds and thousands of people have been able to put themselves on the millionaires and billionaires list from the earnings that they make from passive income. If they traded time for money like the vast majority of the population, they would not have been able to acquire so much sustained wealth. Learn more here.