Passive Income Ghostwriting Music

Passive Income Ghost Writing Music Audio

You can earn passive income with ghostwriting music. So long as you have a passion for writing music, create authentic content, and use the right strategies to market your services and get clients, you can earn a decent passive income as a music ghostwriter. The idea is to identify the right music genre, create authentic and good music, and connect with willing artists.

9 Passive Income Ideas for Illustrators

Passive Income Ideas for Illustrators

As an illustrator, you can earn a passive income by sharing a passion via a passive income idea. Some ideas include print-on-demand, blogging, affiliate marketing, chatbots, podcasting or selling eBooks. Your choice depends on your interests and what you would like to share. You can combine ideas to create multiple streams of passive income. Learn more.

9 Passive Income Ideas For Photographers

11 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers

There are many passive income ideas you can consider as a photographer. Some popular passive income ideas for photographers include selling stock photos and videos, creating a monetized blog, selling digital goods such as presets, renting your camera gear, and affiliate marketing for your favourite photography tools. Learn more in this beginner guide for photographers.