8 Passive Income Ideas for Real Estate Agents

passive income real estate agent

There are numerous passive income-earning opportunities for real estate agents. Some streams include blogging, podcasting, creating niche sites, chatbots, selling eBooks, affiliate marketing, YouTubing and many more. With hard work, dedication, and skill, you can turn your passion into a passive income stream. Learn more here.

Passive Income with a Laundromat

passive income laundromat

You can earn passive income from a laundromat. You need an ideal location, a large and loyal clientele, and good business management skills. A laundromat can be a lucrative passive income source. Like any other business, managing your laundromat will determine how much money you make and how fast you can start earning passive income from it. Learn more here.

9 Passive Income Business Ideas

Passive income business ideas

There are tons of business ideas that can earn you money passively. It doesn’t matter what profession or job you are in. All you need is a little commitment, capital, and to actually set it up to be passive. Some of the passive income business ideas include running an ATM machine business, Laundromat, Food Truck, Vending Machines etc. Learn more here!

Passive Income With an Automatic Car Wash

Passive income Automatic Car Wash

Quote from Chuck King on LinkedIn: “I used to own a self serve car wash that would net around $50,000 where I owned the land and the business.“ With the example above, that comes to $4,000/month of passive income. You can imagine how much passive income owning a couple of these business operations can earn you. Learn more here.