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33 Side Hustle Ideas

Side hustles are jobs you can start in your free time to make extra money without the need to quit your day job. Some side hustle ideas can eventually be made into passive income streams, making them even more appealing as a way to boost revenue. Side hustles can help with financial security, especially in times of crisis.

What are side hustle ideas? Side hustle ideas include blogging, youtubing, 3D printing, narrating audiobooks, selling eBooks, chatbots, data entry, gaming, renting your things, selling on eBay and Craigslist, eCommerce, dropshipping, print-on-demand, affiliate marketing, delivering food, advertising on your car or renting your space on AirBnB.

The article considers side hustle ideas you can carry out to supplement your regular income. These ideas can eventually be turned into sources of passive income. Most of these ideas can be done from home. Be sure to click on the links under each idea to see the in-depth guides on each idea on our site!

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1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent side hustle for anyone looking to make some passive income. You can blog about a wide range of topics, including food, fashion, travel, health, etc. You just have to have the right blogging methods to succeed. Definitely check out our blogging guide to learn more. We highly recommend Project 24 by Income School to learn how to make income blogging.

Check out our blogging guide for more.

2. YouTube

Making YouTube videos can be an awesome side hustle that can eventually earn a decent amount of passive income. For example, this gamer is making $1,000 per month on YouTube after hustling for six months. The more the viewers and EPM (Earnings Per Mille or amount you get paid for thousand views), the higher the amount you can make. 

Check out our YouTube guide for more.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing can be a reliable way of making passive income and there are many ways to make money from 3D Printers! You can print objects and sell them, lease your printer or even teach others how it works in your free time. This side hustle can easily be turned into full time work or even passive income.

Check out our 3D printing guide for more.

4. Articles & Blog Posts

You can make passive income by writing articles and blog posts, for your own blog or for others. One of the best places to learn how to do so is by ch Besides, you can choose different topics, including nutrition, health, technology, etc.

Check out our guide for more information.

5. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a reliable source of passive income. Making an audiobook is relatively easy if you like to read outloud and have a good mike. You earn by monetizing your own audiobook or offering your voice-over services to interested authors.

Check out our Audiobook guide for more information.

6. Backup, Cloning & Migration

Web developers can make passive income from cloning, migration, and creating backups for clients. Ideally, you can start the project as a side hustle as you build and grow your market. You can also use affiliate marketing in this niche to grow your income faster.

Check out our guide for more information.

7. Bug Fixes

Bugs affect the performance of software applications and those with good coding skills can assist companies in need of corrections. You can earn a decent amount of money by offering bug fixing services to your clients for a reasonable fee. Although you will need web development or software coding skills, you can start as a side hustle as you build your client base.

Check out our guide for more information.

8. Charging Scooters (Bird, Lime)

Charging scooters is an excellent way of making passive income as a side hustle. It does not really require any skills and can easily be done in free time. As long as your situated in an area with public scooters (like Lime or Bird scooters) this idea can help you earn a decent amount of income.

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

9. Chatbots

Chatbots may seem new but they are in high demand and you actually can make good money from them. For instance, you can create and sell chatbots for a profit, you can use them for affiliate marketing and to automate interactions with clients for businesses. You can also use a chatbot to generate leads, advertise, and other monetization means to earn income passively.

Check out our passive income guide on chatbots for more information.

10. Content Creation

You can earn a decent amount of passive income by creating content online. Although the idea may take time before it makes returns, it can help you earn consistently for a long duration. You can create articles, podcasts, audio files, and videos.  Be sure to produce evergreen, high-quality content and choose a niche you are interested in.

Check our passive income guide for more information.

11. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to make money as a side hustle, especially when coupled with affiliate marketing. You can monetize your content and earn from commissions on leads and sales from your followers. You can create your own content and monetize it for passive income, or write content for others and get paid an hourly or per-project rate as a side hustle. Definitely check out Project 24 by Income school to learn how to.

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

12. Copywriting

Copywriting can be an awesome side hustle for those who like to write. This side hustle consists in writing content for others, but you can also have others write content for your clients and make passive income. Most people start out by writing their own content and building up a client base that you can then delegate to others for passive revenue.

Check out our beginner’s passive income guide for copywriters for more information. 

13. App Development

Web developers can make passive income by designing and selling custom apps. You can start the project as a side hustle as you build and grow your clientele. Most developers make money from apps by selling them to clients and then supporting them, or by passively monetizing their own apps.

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

14. Data Entry

Data entry can be an awesome side hustle because so many businesses want to outsource these jobs. You can make money from this by providing your services to businesses or people looking for data entry services on Fiverr

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

15. Data Mining/Scraping

Data mining can be a very lucrative passive income opportunity. You earn by collecting data through surveys or by scraping websites and databases for information (legally) and then selling the information to businesses and specialised companies. Data mining can offer consistent returns despite requiring intermediate computer and coding skills to successfully perform the role. 

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great side hustle that can turn into an awesome passive income source. It consists in finding a product or service you love and joining an affiliate program for that product or service. Then promote your affiliate link. When someone makes a purchase via your link, you can receive a paid commission on sales which generally range between $10 to $300+, or even 5% to over 50% per paid referral.

Check out our affiliate marketing guide for more information.

17. User Experience / User Interface Design

If you are interested in UX/UI, know that these skills are in high demand these days. You can make a decent amount of money by helping software companies, app creators and web designers improve user experience and user interfaces. 

Check out our developer passive income ideas for more information.

18. Driving People Around (Uber / Lift)

Uber, Lift, Kangaride and other carpooling app platforms can be excellent side hustles. After meeting the company’s list of requirements (like having a reliable recent car, a valid driver’s license), you can register on the platform and offer the services during your free time.

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

19. Flipping Cars

You can make a significant amount of money flipping cars. The idea involves buying the car at an affordable price and then selling it at a higher price for profit. Fixing it up and improving it can help increase the value. It’s important to be sure you can legally flip cars in your area. 

Definitely check out our car flipping guide for more information.

20. Flipping Items on Craigslist

You can offer a wide range of second-hand items on Craigslist and selling on the platform can be an excellent side hustle. We have a list of 21 things you can sell on Craigslist with tips on getting started. 

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

21. Podcasting

Starting a podcast may seem intimidating, but if you have content it’s actually very easy to get started. You just need a mic and content people will be willing to listen to. The harder part is monetizing your content. We cover how to in our podcasting guide.

Check out our podcasting guide on podcasting for more information.

22. Gaming

Playing video games can be a fun side hustle to make money and even eventually generate a decent amount of passive income. Awesome platforms for this are YouTube and Twitch. For example, this gamer is making $1,000 per month on YouTube after hustling for six months.

Check out our passive income gaming guide for more information.

23. Mobile App Development

Programmers with the skills can create mobile apps as a side hustle. You can create new mobile apps, improve existing apps for businesses, or make your own passive income app. Mobile apps can be sold for a lot of money as a one off sale, or created as an ongoing source of passive income. 

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

24. QA (Quality Assurance)

Quality assurance is an essential process in software businesses and it can be a great side hustle for those who know what this job requires. Businesses pay good rates for those willing to carry out tests on their software. Once you get them down, you can automate processes to make this side hustle much more passive.

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

25. Rent-a-Friend Services

Rent-a-friend platforms offer you a fairly easy side hustle. You are paid to accompany a client to their desired destination, be with them for activities, and act as a friend for a limited time. Although fairly new in the USA, these services are quite popular and common in parts of Asia. 

Check out our passive income guide for more information.

26. Rent Your Home to Film Crews

Filmmakers regularly require authentic filming locations like homes for filming purposes. You can make income passively by renting your home to filmmakers who will pay you for the service. Although the rates depend on several factors, one can earn a considerable amount.

Check out our guide for more information.

27. Sleep Studies

Some research organizations pay people to allow tests and studies to be done to them while they sleep. If you are interested in this type of way to make money, check out our guide below.

Check out our guide for more information.

28. Web Development

Web developers can make a decent amount of passive income by leveraging their skills. Some ways to turn web development into a profitable side hustle include by flipping websites, creating membership sites or just creating and selling sites to customers.

Check out our guide for more information.

29. eCommerce

eCommerce is an umbrella term for so many different business models! From selling your own products to print on demand, dropshipping, to selling digital goods like eBooks. You can create online stores for businesses to build up your skills. 

Check out our eCommerce guide for more information.

30. Advertising on Your Car

You can make passive income advertising with your car by “renting” the available advertising space on your car to companies looking to place mobile advertisements. This provides advertisers a place to display their mobile ads, while you can benefit from a commission or a monthly passive income.

Check out our advertising guide for more.

31. Renting Your Bike

A quick and easy side hustle you can do from home with no initial investment is renting a personal bike. This type of service has been around for as long as bikes have existed, and is extremely easy to implement thanks to peer-to-peer platforms like Spinlister.

Check out our bike rental guide for more information.

32. Selling Stock Photos

Selling stock photos or videos can be a great side hustle. There are people who have made this into their primary source of income, making monthly recurring revenue from selling their stock photos and videos.

Check out our guide for selling stock photos and videos for more.

33. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has been highly promoted as a profitable side hustle – and it can be, but you need to be attentive to expenses. Dropshipping requires selecting a target market and niche you are interested in, carrying out adapted product selection and market research, finding a supplier and building an online store, building a value based niche site and marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic. Definitely be attentive to profit margins and lowering your costs.

Check out our dropshipping guide for more.

Related Questions

What is a good side hustle? A good side hustle is a way you can make money on top of your regular job while providing an extra stream of income. An even better side hustle can be transformed into a sustainable passive income stream. Some side hustle examples include blogging, podcasting, YouTubing, and affiliate marketing.

How can you make passive income as a side hustle? There are several ways to make passive income as a side hustle. Examples include Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Audiobooks, Apps, Cloning, etc. Although most passive income ideas may seem easy at first, you have to consider the effort, time, and consistency it takes to bring these ideas to life. 

What is the easiest side hustle? One of the easiest side hustles to make money is renting things on peer-to-peer platforms. One of the most common and easiest side hustle to rent is your bike. You can also rent recording equipment like cameras, sporting goods like snowboards or VTTs, and vehicles like RVs and trucks.

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