This Site is For Sale

Beginners Passive Income is a great opportunity for a blog owner who already has EAT in the personal finance niche and wants to benefit from a tremendous amount of low-hanging fruit that could enable them to get a quick ROI on their investment. 

The site was built from the ground up, 100% organically with over 90% of the traffic coming from Google search. The site was built based on the Project 24 method, without any shady link building or reliance on social media.


  • Monetization: Adsense
  • Average Monthly Profit: $170 USD (Average 6 months, July – June 2022)
  • Articles: 120
  • Average Article Length: ~2,500 Words
  • Traffic Sources: 90% Google Search
  • Traffic Location: +65% US traffic, 13% Canada, UK, Australia
  • Site Launched: May 2019
  • Platform: WordPress with standard plugins, no custom code
  • Niche: Personal Finance > Passive Income : No seasonality
  • Sales Price: $5,550 (32x mo. profit)
  • Included Assets: Blog, Email List, YouTube Account (+3,700 subs), Domain Name


Current monetization is only focused on Google Adsense:

  • Monetization: Google Adsense
  • Average Monthly Profit: $170 USD (Average 6 months, July – June 2022)

We have some affiliate links on the site but they currently are not making income and so are not included in the sale cost. However, there are many well-paying affiliate opportunities for this site including eCommerce software, print-on-demand software, chatbot software, info-products, courses, and more.

Monetization Opportunities & Low Hanging Fruit ROI:

  • Monetization on a premium ad network (ex. Ezoic)
  • Affiliate monetization for print-on-demand software, chatbot software, info-products, courses, and more
  • Replace low-paying affiliate programs (ex. Ecwid eCommerce) with higher paying programs (ex. Shopify)
  • YouTube: The channel has enough subscribers (+3,500) but just needs to hit the watch time threshold

What is Included?

  • Blog: The website with all the published content
  • Email List: 200 subscribers and average 33% engagement rate for 10 emails
  • YouTube Account: Over 3,700 subscribers, no videos included
  • Domain Name

How This Works

Interested buyers please reach out, we can get in touch for discussion and a direct sale, easy transaction and transfer via Escrow. We will only reply to serious buyers.