Passive Income Tools

Check out our favourite passive income tools to build passive income streams below. We use all of these tools every day. For example, this site is hosted with SiteGround, on a domain purchased at NameCheap and was built with Elementor.  Honest disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links that help support our work. We actually use these products and love each of them. Thank you for your support!

Passive Income Online

If you are interested in making passive income online, there are a few basic tools you will need. If you are, for example, interested in building blogs, niche sites, flipping domains, eCommerce, or affiliate marketing on your own website, then you will need the following.

eCommerce | Ecwid

Ecwid eCommerce is our favourite solution to allow you to sell online quickly and easily. It  is perfectly tailored to beginners who want to scale with a very intuitive backend and a quick learning curve. Also, they have a forever free plan so there is no reason to not give it a try! Click on the button below to sign up.

Domain Names | NameCheap

We have tried tons of domain services and none of them compare to NameCheap. The platform is ultra user-friendly and they offer stellar support. Prices are very low and WhoIs Guard is included for free so your private information about the domains you own is not public. Get your domain name today at NameCheap for best quality and value for the price value. Click on the button below to learn more.

Web Hosting

Hosting | SiteGround

SiteGround is the best website hosting service we have tested, period. And we have tried many… What makes them stand out is their support and low prices. We love how easy it is to install WordPress and create a website thanks to their easy installer. Get hosting at SiteGround for a low price by clicking on the button below.

Print-on-Demand | Printful

Printful allows you to easily create and sell custom products online. They offer print on demand, drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services. You do not have to print and deliver the products yourself, they take care of it for you! You can print on a number of things with prihtful. Some things you can print your designs on include hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, posters, tote bags, pillow cases, swim suits, socks, dresses, leggings, hats, jewelry, fanny packs, phone cases, backpacks and more!

Websites | Elementor for WordPress

Learning how to use WordPress can be a bit difficult for beginners. Elementor turns WordPress into a drag-and-drop builder that making it super easy to build your website the way you want. This entire website was built with Elementor! Give it a try by clicking on the button below.

Websites | Wix Website Builder

Wix is a drag and drop website builder that requires no coding, no hosting or development. It is super easy to use and is constantly developed with more features. SEO is excellent and includes mobile editor. Excellent with Ecwid.

Freelance Services | Fiverr

From logos, to voice overs, translations, graphic designs, blog articles and everything in between. If you need it, get it done on Fiverr for a low cost. There are thousands of qualified freelancers who can do it for you. Find the service you need and get it done on Fiverr.