Passive Income Course | Project 24 Review

We do not have our own passive income course for sale because there is no way we could create something as incredible as Income School’s Project 24.

The #1 goal of Project 24’s passive income course is to “help people provide well for their families by creating online businesses.” And they do so with a 60 step process that guides their members to achieve a full-time income in 24 months.

Note: Beginners Passive Income is not endorsed by Project 24 and we do not own this product. Project 24 is a product of Income School LLC and all Project 24 logos and trademarks belong to Income School LLC. We are affiliates for this course and will make a commission if you purchase through our link. This does not incur extra costs and we recommend this course as members ourselves, who truly do love it. Learn more in our disclaimers.

Passive Income Course: Insane Value

The course was created by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kessler, two seasoned internet marketers who teach their members how to make passive income online in a library of 20+ courses that are constantly updated.

There is insane value in Project 24 compared to the cost, including access to other members. Project 24 can immensely help anyone in their journey to making passive income online.

Project 24 is perfect for those looking for a step-by-step method to make passive income online.

Value For Money

5/5 The course has insane value for money since it actually contains 12 courses that are constantly being updated. Learn more about the contents of the course below. 

Earning Potential

5/5 Jim and Ricky take you through the necessary steps to build a $7k/month passive income blog in 24 months. This offers excellent earning potential.

Beginner Friendly

5/5 Made to for beginners to get started making passive income online blogging. Easy to follow course with access to an active community that’s there to help.

Overall Rating

5/5 Excellent course for beginners to learn how to get started making passive income blogging. Insane value for money and huge passive income earning potential.

We are Project 24 members and highly recommend this course, especially for beginners! We will not be making our own passive income course because Project 24 covers everything a beginner needs.

What is Project 24?

Project 24 is a course by Jim and Ricky, two excellent online marketers who share their proven way to make successful passive income blogs that can replace a full-time income in 24 months. They focus on content, not SEO or black hat online marketing methods. 

The course actually contains way more than what Jim and Ricky advertise, including a huge community of other members you can interact with and lear from, a vlog, Podcast, many resources and 13 in-depth courses. Their content is updated weekly as Jim and Ricky clarify their methodologies with new changes to Google’s algorithms and share the success and failures of their large-scale online marketing tests.

With over 20 successful passive income blogs under their belts, including Camper Report, Improve Photography, and Dirt Bike Planet, Rich and Jim share their expertise on how to build successful blogs to create multiple streams of passive income in their course Project 24. The course is excellent for beginners looking to make passive income by blogging.

Check out the webinar above to learn more about Jim and Ricky 60-step method to get a passive income blog off the ground to the point where it can replace a full time income in 24 months.

At Beginner’s Passive Income we love Jim and Ricky for their authenticity and true nature. They provide you with the names of their niche sites and actual statistics (you don’t see that form many online marketers).

Who Are Jim Harmer And Ricky Kessler?

Jim Harmer was a law school student when he created his first successful blog to help finance his studies and sustain his small family (wife and child). His blog was not an overnight success, and he learned some tough lessons but overcame the learning curve and made a significant income from his photography site. After obtaining his legal licence, he decided to pursue his career in blogging instead of practicing law.

Ricky Kessler, Jim’s long time high school friend, joined him on his blogging adventures a couple of years later. After witnessing the success of the new sites they were created following a formula they perfected by learning from their success and failures, they created Income School to teach others to build successful blogs and sustain their families. Ricky recently left his full-time job and high paying salary to make a full-time income from blogging with Jim.

Who is Project 24 For?

  • Beginners
  • Advanced Internet Marketers
  • Those looking to make Passive Income

Project 24 is an excellent place for beginners to learn how to create passive income from blogging. Jim and Ricky take you through their easy to follow 60 step process of how to create your passive income blog. It contains how to choose a niche, create a WordPress site, carry out competitive analysis and choose what to write about, they provide guidelines on how long each article should be depending on the competition.

They also guide you on how to write content that will be successful not only in the eyes of your readers but will also rank high in Google. If you are looking for guidance on how to create a blog, if you would like a community to help support you in your new blogging journey, and if you are looking for some expert help on creating passive income, then definitely check out Project 24. 

What Do You Get in Project 24?

Jim and Ricky over-delivered in Project 24 and we love it! For a yearly fee, you and can access over 12 courses from your Project 24 dashboard that are constantly updated. You get all of these courses and access to an active community, regular updates on internet marketing, a weekly podcast, vlogs and more. We are so grateful for the constant love Jim and Ricky put into this incredible course and membership site.

  • Blogging Course: Get access to the actionable 60 step methodology Jim and Ricky use to make passive income.
  • YouTube Course: This is a brand new course that contains everything to make passive income from YouTube.
  • Podcasting Course: This course is provided in Project 24 and was one of the first courses made by Jim and Ricky.
  • Photography Course: This course is offered for free based on Jim’s courses he provides at a paid fee on his other niche site!
  • E.A.T Course: Project 24 contains a full Expertise Authoritativeness and Trust course to help boost your rankings.
  • Info-Products Course: Learn how to monetize your traffic with info products like eBooks, courses and other digital goods.
  • Pinterest Course: Learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, from Pinterest experts in different niches.
  • Email Marketing Course: Learn how to use email marketing to monetize your traffic and build up your audience.
  • Access to a Community: Full of active members who can assist you in answering common, and uncommon questions. Ricky, Jim and their team are also active in the community on a regular basis.
  • A Weekly Podcast: Containing updates, news, answers to community questions etc.

We Recommend Project 24 Because it Works. Jim And Ricky Are Authentic, Their Methods Can Help You Make Passive Income and The Value for Money in Their Course is INSANE.

Beginners Passive Income

We recommend Project 24 because we are Project 24 members and know the value of this course!

Why We Recommend Project 24

At Beginners Passive Income, we recommend Project 24 because we are members and actually love the product offered by Jim and Ricky. We recommend it because we know it works. When we joined, we were surprised to see how much Jim and Ricky over delivered on our expectations, with way more than just one course! Project 24 includes a very active and supportive community, frequently updated Podcasts and vlogs, tips, tricks and actionable ways to make passive income .

Testimonials From Successful Project 24 Members

From 0 to 100k page views, Project 24 has allowed these two members to replace their active income with passive income from blogging. Their niche is in the gardening sector.

More uncommon success, however attainable, this Project 24 member is making $100/day from his passive income blog just after 6 months of creating it!

Making $200k/year from her blog, this Project 24 member is also in the gardening sector focusing on Succulents. She is making a full time passive income from blogging and loving every second of it.

Full Project 24 Income School – Honest Review

Many online courses out there teach people different ways of earning a passive income. However, most of these courses teach methods that worked 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years ago, and are no longer applicable today. Technology keeps changing so it is important to keep up with current trends so that your online business remains relevant and popular. One of the most resourceful courses (which we are a part of) is Project 24 by Income School and that is what this article is all about. 

Why choose Project 24 by Income School over any other course? Income School teaches you current methods to help your online business (e.g. a blog, podcast, niche site, YouTube channel…) grow, remain relevant, and profitable. You also learn strategies to boost your income from your online endeavors. The best part? Jim and Ricky (founders of Income School) are successful entrepreneurs with vast knowledge and experience in the field, and are still making brand new sites and YouTube channels themselves today. 

In this article, we share with you some strategies taught by Jim and Ricky to grow your online business specifically Blogging, Podcasting, Niche Sites, and YouTube. We will also tell you all you need to know about Income School and how you can benefit from their courses. These are just bits that the duo shares publicly on their YouTube channel and in their course Project 24. You can benefit from many hidden strategies and methods once you sign up for the course. Let’s dive right in.

A Full 60-Step Blogging Course

Blogging is one of the main courses taught at Income School. In fact, Jim and Ricky started as bloggers before expanding to other passive income ideas. With a couple of high-ranking blogs under their belt, the duo now rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Their blogging course teaches you various ways of driving traffic to blog in order to earn a decent income with a variety of monetization strategies. The main strategies they share on their YouTube channel are search analysis, competitive analysis, content mix, and EAT/YMYL. Let’s have a look at each strategy.

Search Analysis & The Alphabet Soup Method

To create and run a successful blog, your goal is to provide content on things that people are actually searching for in search engines like Google. Many people search for all available keywords or pay for tools that do not necessarily provide the information they are looking for. Such tools are usually made for PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic, not organic blogging traffic. However, at Income School, you learn about more effective ways of doing this. Let’s have a look at two main ways of driving traffic to a blog.    

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic or Pay Per Click (PPC) is where you pay to get traffic to your website. You pay for Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc. Although it is a good way of getting traffic, it is not the best, especially for beginners. This is because it can be very expensive, and demands certain skills that take time to learn. This is not covered in Project 24, with reason.

Organic Traffic

Generating organic traffic is what is taught in Project 24. Organic traffic is traffic you drive to your website by creating content like articles, or videos without paying per click to get the traffic to your website. However, everyone is using keyword tools to find topics to write about. Keyword tools tell you how much traffic you can get for PPC methods, rather than the actual traffic looking for that type of content. Whereas, Jim and Ricky use what they call the ‘Alphabet Soup Method’ – finding keywords by using Google suggested search features and running through the alphabet. 

For example, let’s say you want to blog about electric cars. Type “electric cars” in Google and add any letter after that search (a,b,c etc.) to see the suggested results. This gives you an idea of the type of topics people are searching for in the search engine. You can also add questions like ‘How to’ to see the type of questions people are asking online that you can use to write posts for your blog. Other ways that the duo recommends is by visiting forums like Quora, Reddit to see what people are saying or searching for in your niche. You can also head over to where you can find tons of topics to write about for your blog.

Learn More About Search Analysis in Project 24

Competitive Analysis

You can evaluate your topic on Google to see whether there’s a lot of competition surrounding it, and Jim and Ricky explain exactly how to in Project 24. Do this by typing your topic on the search engine to view the results. If you find a lot of high quality, relevant, credible info from top sources, chances are that your topic is well covered and highly competitive. For example, if your topic is featured in authority sites, popular websites, govt. sites, etc., it’s best to stay away from such a topic at the start because they are highly competitive. This is because as a new site, it will be difficult for you to rank high on Google with such a topic. However, if you find little or no information about your topic, it is a less competitive topic, if you see forums in the search results, this may be a good topic to write about. This includes topics with little, outdated, irrelevant, or unreliable information. That way, you rack higher and drive traffic faster from Google to your site.

Learn More About Competitive Analysis in Project 24

Content Mix

Income School’s content mix is a methodology that helps your blog rank quicker. You don’t want to start with competitive topics because Google will not rank your site right away in their search engine. Jim and Ricky emphasize the need to start with short, less competitive topics and move to more competitive ones. From staple posts all the way to pillar posts. To get started, the duo recommends starting with 10 response posts. Response posts are (1,200+ words) posts that answer specific questions that people search on Google. Project 24 teaches you ways of structuring your response posts to get snippets on Google. Snippets are features that help you rank all the way to zero on Google. 

Staple posts are longer posts (2,500+ words) on medium competitive topics. They are more detailed and contain more content your audience searches. They are usually composed of list posts, or things that are easily sharable on social media. For example, “25 Amazing Passive Income Ideas” or “30 Reasons to Start a Blog,” etc. Pillar posts are much longer posts (3,500+ words) on very competitive topics. They provide long, detailed, well-researched content on such topics in your niche. They are essential posts that people search for on your website. Income School calls this 30 article mix a ‘Seed’: starting with 10 response, 10 staple, and 10 pillar posts for your blog. This is just the beginning and they explain exactly how to do this in the 60 steps.

Learn More About The Content Mix in Project 24

EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust)

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust are extremely important for your blog. This is because Google wants to ensure it refers to information from people that are authoritative on the topic. This is especially true for YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) industries like health, finance, legal, technical, news, politics, eCommerce, etc. In the course, Income School share tips of becoming authoritative on Google. This includes providing crucial information (like having a privacy policy, testimonials, etc.) to prove to Google that you are an authoritative, trustworthy expert in your niche. To help Project 24 members, Jim and Ricky created a step-by-step EAT course to make getting EAT actionable and much easier.

Learn More About EAT in Project 24

The Ghost Town Phase

One other thing that Jim and Ricky teach is what they call the “Ghost Town Phase”. This is the phase where you won’t have traffic on your website, and this can last up to 35 weeks after you plant your “Seed”. Many bloggers give up or sell their blogs during this phase. However, Income School emphasizes the importance of being patient, persistent, and not giving up during this phase. The secret is to offer your prospective audience quality content, building your brand, and utilizing the four strategies covered in Project 24. Some effective ways include sharing your own personal stories, being the face of your brand, and providing value first before trying to monetize your content. In this phase, you have to give, give, and give before you start asking. 

Like we already said, Project 24 goes way beyond just a blogging course. Income School’s Project 24 Course also contains a number of other courses which we will talk about below. Some of the courses included in Project 24 are a YouTube course, Podcasting Course, and a Photography course!

YouTube Course

In this course, you learn about the importance of having a YouTube channel besides your blog. It is one way of making your website authoritative and building trust amongst your audience by being the face of your brand. You also learn ways of creating and growing your channel up to the monetization stage where you can start earning income from it.

Learn More About YouTube for Passive Income in Project 24

Podcasting Course

A podcast is another amazing idea of growing your website and earning more income passively. Jim and Ricky offer a Podcasting Course that teaches you everything you need to know to get started on podcasts. This includes ways of creating a podcast, driving traffic, growing your audience, and monetizing your content. With the right strategies and at least a podcast a week, you can earn over $6,800/month with a monetized podcast following their method. 

Learn More About Podcasting for Passive Income in Project 24

Niche Site Course

In this course, the duo teaches about creating a niche site and ways of earning passive income from it. A niche site is a blog that specifically resonates with a particular audience. Jim and Ricky teach you ways of creating one, driving traffic to your site, growing your audience and monetizing your niche site. Using their proven strategies, you can build a successful niche site that earns you over $7,000/month once it is monetized, after about 24 months.

Learn More About Niche Sites for Passive Income in Project 24

Related Questions

How much does Project 24 cost? At the moment, according to Income School, the Project 24 course currently costs $449 for your first entire year. Each successive year afterward costs only $199/year. The duo charges per year because the course gets new content all the time in order to keep up with trends. 

What do you get from the Project 24 course? Upon registration and confirmation, you get access to 12 exclusive courses including Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, Niche Site courses and many other resources including digital goods, vlogs, weekly podcasts and more. You also join a network of Project 24 members and enthusiasts who are ready to help you once you get started. 

Is Project 24 a guarantee of success? No. Jim and Ricky clearly state that Project 24 is not a guarantee for success. What they offer is a guide or direction you can take to get started and build a successful business with their tried and tested methods. Your success will be based on your skill, effort, commitment, and hard work in building your business. 

Is Income School’s Project a scam? No, some extremely expensive courses are actually very shallow in content and Project 24 is not one of them by any means. Not only is Project 24 extremely in-depth, it is actually a library of over 10 courses teaching passive income and is constantly updated. A membership also provides access to a community of active users.

Join Project 24 Today