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Free Print-on-Demand Course!

So you are interested in print-on-demand but have no clue how to get started? You are in the right place! The following is a free, step-by-step print-on-demand course for beginners.

Print-on-demand can be an excellent business model to make money online, and it is fairly easy to get started as a beginner. This free course explores what print on demand is, how to get started with print on demand, and more.

Let’s start by getting some common beginner questions out of the way.

Common Print-on-Demand Beginner Questions

What is Print-on-demand?
Print-on-demand is an eCommerce business model that provides the ability to sell products to clients while having fulfillment carried out by a third party. The third party takes care of printing, packaging and shipping the product to the end customer.
Who can print on demand?
Print-on-demand can be done by just about anyone, but is often a business model that interests influencers (YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, Twitch Livestreamers), business owners, graphic designers and artists looking to monetize their skills.
Is print on demand dropshipping?
Yes, print-on-demand is an eCommerce business model that consists in a form of dropshipping where the seller’s main goal is to market products to an audience and generate sales that will then be fulfilled by a third party.
What can you print-on-demand?
You can print a variety of products on demand from apparel including t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hats, pants, swimsuits, and jackets to other merchandise like bean bags, phone cases, towels, backpacks, flip flops, keychains, jewellery, stickers blankets and more.

If you do not have an audience yet and are not sure about what you want to sell, be sure to chose a niche you are passionate about before getting started. It’s important to be interested in what you are selling online to help you stay motivated in the long-term and provide better customer experience.

Best Print-on-Demand Companies

Now that the beginner questions are out of the way, let’s have a look at choosing the right print-on-demand company. This is key to ensure excellent user experience for the seller, as well as for the buyer. Here is a list of a few print on demand companies with information on each of them.

Print-on-DemandAvailable MerchShipping LocationsIntegrationsCostsOur Rank
PrintfulApparel, Home & Living, AccessoriesUSA, Canada, Europe, Parts South America15+ eCommerce & SocialPer Sale#1
TeeSpringApparel, Home & Living, AccessoriesUSA, Europe3 SocialPer Sale
PrintifyApparel, Home & Living, AccessoriesUSA, Asia, Europe, AustraliaFew eCommercePer Sale / Monthly Fee
RedbubbleApparel, AccessoriesUSA, Europe, AustraliaNoPer Sale
This may change in the future, carry out your own due diligence before starting.

Winner: Printful!

Our favourite print-on-demand company is Printful. They provide a wide variety of products to print-on-demand and ship to North America, Europe and parts of South America. Printful integrates with the most popular eCommerce solutions and, in turn, can allow you to sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram Shopping.

Print on demand is an excellent way to monetize your audience if you are a Podcaster, a YouTuber, Instagrammer, business owner. Print on demand can also be a great business model to make money online!

1. Getting Started With Print-on-Demand!

This section will teach you about creating a brand new Printful merchandise store. Follow the steps below in order for the best results.

#1. Create a Printful Account

  1. Go to Printful.com
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Create an account by entering an email and a password

#2. Create an Ecwid Account

  1. Go to Ecwid.com
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Create your Ecwid account by entering your email and a password

Tip: Learn how to fully setup your Ecwid store like a pro, and create product categories, create your legal pages, sell in multiple places on line and drive targeted traffic in the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course!

#3. Create Your First Product

Get a Paid Ecwid account to be able to use apps in Ecwid

  1. In your Ecwid Seller Control Panel
  2. Go to My Profile > Billing & Plans
  3. Sign up to a Venture Plan (this will allow you to use external apps with Ecwid, notably Printful)

Next, enter your payment methods to ensure you get paid when you make a sale

  1. In your Ecwid Seller Control Panel
  2. Go to Payments
  3. Activate the payment method(s) of your choice
  4. Tip: Activate two payment methods max to not confuse your customers or offer too much choice

Then install and connect Printful

  1. In your Ecwid Seller Control Panel
  2. Go to Apps > Search for Printful
  3. Install Printful
  4. Enter your Printful Account Credentials

Next you can create your first product!

  1. Click on Add Product
  2. Choose a product you would like to sell
  3. Create or upload your design (more about that in the Design Tips section)
  4. Choose your Mockups > Enter your Product Title and Description > Enter Your Profit Margin
  5. Then publish your first product!

2. Design Your Print-on-Demand Products

Don’t let not knowing which graphic design software to use hold back your creativity! There are three cool options you can choose from to create beautiful designs that you can sell in your brand new print-on-demand store.

There are 3 ways you can create designs for your Printful Store

  1. Create the designs yourself using paid software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or use free software like Canva. Printful also covers a couple other free software alternatives.
  2. Create the designs directly in Printful. You can add text in various fonts, and icons.
  3. Get the designs created for you by a graphic designer on a service like Fiverr

Tip: Fiverr is awesome to connect with graphic designers all over the world who can create a cool design, logo or saying to go on your Printful products! Fiverr services are very affordable (usually around 5$).

3. Track Sales & Orders With The Printful Mobile App

Watch the video above to learn how to track print-on-demand sales and orders with the Printful mobile app. The app is available on Android in the Google Play Store, and on iPhone from the App Store.

The Printful app allows you to receive sales notifications, track order statuses, view statistics and edit notification settings. You can also use the Ecwid store app to track sales.

4. Selling on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, WordPress, etc.

You can use your Ecwid store, connected to Printful, as a hub to sell in multiple places online! Ecwid is a super powerful platform allowing you to sell your products on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and eBay. You can sell the same products in multiple places across the web.

You can use the Ecwid Starter Site as a website. Learn everything you need to know about selling on social media, marketplaces, the Starter Site and websites in the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course!

5. Drawbacks & Solutions to Print-on-Demand Issues

Here are some things to keep in mind and be careful of when getting started with Printful:

  • Digitalization fee for your first embroidery (per product)
  • Extra fees for printing on the back of shirts and on sleeves  
  • Color files may vary slightly compared to printed color on shirt (Refer to Printful’s Color Swatch)
  • Alternatives for out of stock products – Printful will recommend other products you can select
  • Learn how to mark products as “Out of Stock” in the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course
  • eBay fees if you go over 10 products (new account) or 50 products (old account)
  • If you sell on eBay and Amazon, make sure to specify the exact location the product will be shipped from (and not your location)
  • You get Printful Credit for cancelled orders 

Get the Excel spreadsheet in the paid version of this course here. That sheet can help you make sure to calculate your profit margins according to your sales strategy. Make sure you actually make a profit with your print-on-demand project! If you would like to learn how to push your products to eBay and Amazon, and automate your whole sales process, get the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course!

6. Getting Low-Cost Samples From Printful

Here is how to order a sample product from Printful. A sample product is the same product as the one a customer would receive, but you can get it at a 20% rebate per order. You can make 2 sample orders per month with 3 items per sample order.

  1. In Your Ecwid Seller Control Panel
  2. Go to Catalog > Printful
  3. Click on “New Order” in the top right corner
  4. In the following window, select “Sample Order” to place your order
  5. Click Add Product, then select the product you would like to sample
  6. Once your order is ready, continue to enter your shipping information
  7. Then complete the billing information & payment
  8. Now that your Sample Order is complete you will receive an email confirming the order
  9. You will receive your sample in not to long, enjoy!

7. Marketing & Monetization Tips For Print-on-Demand

There are tons of awesome ways you can use your Printful merch to promote your brand and make money. Some of them include monetizing your existing audience and using giveaways to promote your brand.

If marketing and generating sales is something you would like to learn about, you may want to check out the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course which demonstrates how to make create coupon codes and discounts, sell on Facebook and Instagram, get targeted traffic and boost sales.

Printful is an excellent way to make money online and to monetize your audience. Just make sure to pay attention to the drawbacks we detailed in the drawback section to ensure you are making a profit. Take your new online store to the next level with the Ecwid eCommerce Power Course!

Related Questions

What is the best print on demand site?

The best print on demand site is Printful as it provides a wide variety of products to print-on-demand and ship to North America, Europe and parts of South America. Printful integrates with the most popular eCommerce solutions and can allow you to sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram Shopping.

Is print on demand still profitable?

Print on demand is still a profitable business model for successful merchants. You can make $500 per month in sales if you sell 20 sweaters with a $25 profit margin. Some merchants declare making up to $10,000 per month in sales with the print-on-demand business model.

Learn more about making passive income with print-on-demand here.

What are some things required to succeed at print-on-demand?

In order to succeed at print-on-demand you must have a number of skills including graphic design, business marketing, sales and finances. You can outsource graphic design but bulling an audience, finding a product/market fit are tracking ROI are key business skills required for success.

How long does fulfillment take?

Print-on-demand fulfillment can take under 24h to over 3 weeks depending on what is being printed, and shipping location and destination. For example, if you sold a common t-shirt from Los Angeles to Seattle, fulfillment could take 48h, whereas if you sold a bean bag from Los Angeles to Montreal, fulfilment could be much longer.

What does print-on-demand mean?

Print-on-demand (POD) means that a third party company takes care of printing and packaging a product for the seller, and ships it directly to the end customer. So if a merchant sells a print-on-demand t-shirt, the third party POD company will print the shirt, and ship it directly to the customer if it sells.

Is print on demand free?

Most print-on-demand companies allow you to create an account and sell products for free. However, when somebody purchases your item, the company will take a cut from the sale. And so using a print-on-demand service is generally free, but will cost money once you start making sales.