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Passive Income Tracker Journal

24 Month Passive Income Journal

Plan Crossing The Rat Race Finish Line

This is an awesome passive income journal to plan your actions for your financial freedom over 24 months and 104 weeks. The goal is to organize and execute your plan to replace your current active income with passive income.

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The first few pages are dedicated to laying Cout your personal financial goals and promises to yourself. The video to the right can help you build your target financial goals to realize your dreams.

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This journal is made to help you organize creating your passive income streams with :

  • Actionable Task Lists
  • Weekly Planning Sheets
  • And Monthly Passive Income Tracking


The next pages of this passive income journal track your monthly progress, and the last 104 pages of the book are dedicated to tracking your weekly tasks and organizing execution. Because execution is everything.


By organizing and executing your weekly task list, you will be inching towards building passive income streams each and every day. After 24 months, you will be much closer to your goals.

Passive income journal

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Full Journal Specs

  • Physical Book (Not an eBook)
  • Non-Dated Planning Sheets 
  • No Dates Weekly
  • Monthly Sheets for Planning
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Matte Soft Cover
  • 113 pages total
  • 2 planning pages
  • 104 weeks of planning
  • Space for Weekly Note-Taking
  • High-quality White Paper Interior
  • Suited for use at Any Time of the Year
  • Suited for use From any Country
  • Suited for Any Passive Income Idea
  • Order Fulfilled by Amazon


A perfect gift for anyone looking to leave the rat race, their 9-5 job, and those who want to organize their goals and time to do so.

Stay Motivated & Focused

Many think that making passive income is easy money, that it does not require hard work. However, creating profitable passive income streams does require hard work, dedication, motivation, perseverance, skill and more. 

Setting your goals, your commitments, organizing and tracking your progress for growth is an incredibly powerful way to bring you further down the road of building profitable passive income streams. This journal helps you do just that.

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Organize. Track. Grow.

Start tracking your passive income streams and grow your passive income today.

You Cannot Grow What You Don’t Track

Start tracking your passive income streams and grow your passive income today. Take on the 24 month challenge with yourself to execute and build on realizing your dreams.

Get the Income Journal on Amazon

Passive Income Tracker Journal