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So you have no money to invest but you want to get started making monthly passive income? Here are our top 10 best (and easy) passive income ideas that require no money to invest.

How can I make passive income with no money? ou can make passive income, even if you have no money to invest by:

  • Using Reward & Discount Programs
  • Renting Your Storage Space
  • Advertising with Your Car
  • Renting Your Bike
  • Selling on eBay
  • Copywriting
  • Renting Your Parking Spot
  • Participating in Sleep
  • Studies
  • Audiobooks
  • Renting Your Things

However, you will have to spend some time to set these up, however, the time investment is fairly minimal compared to most passive income sources that demand a larger learning curve. By the way, this entire site (Beginners Passive Income) is dedicated to how beginners can make passive income. Therefore each idea has an actual guide attached to it. Feel free to click on the “Read More” button for the ideas you are interested in to learn more on the topic on our Guide page.

1. Reward & Discount Programs

Joining reward and discount programs is an easy way to save money throughout the year, and even to make some extra income. Reward programs provide loyal customers with points to gain rewards. Rewards may include rebates, discounts, cheaper travel, special offers and more. Customers must accumulate a certain amount of points to redeem rewards. Sometimes, you can even receive money. 

You can easily save over $100 per year, just by joining a reward or discount program for a company you make purchases from frequently. In our guide on how to make passive income from reward or discount programs, we name some of the most popular reward companies.

[Guide] Making Passive Income Using Reward & Discount Programs

2. Renting Your Storage Space

If you have extra room around your home, you have storage space that can easily provide you passive income. It’s something you already have – no need to invest any money. This extra space could be a guest room, your basement, attic, closet, shed, or backyard. It’s fairly easy to complement your regular revenue with passive income by renting a spare space to people in need of a place to store their things.

For example, storing things for cheap is often an issue for digital nomads or frequent travellers who have a home base in a country, but only want to rent for a couple weeks or months. Most storage companies are located outside the city and are hard to get to (requiring a car). Renting locally is the best solution for some people and there a couple platforms that can put you in touch with those looking to store their things in a safe place.

“By renting out our empty space with Neighbor, my wife and I will make $900 this summer while giving back to the community.”

Jordan | American Fork, Utah, on Neighbor, peer-to-peer storage rental service

We provide a guide and list in the following article. Click on the button below to learn more!

[Guide] Passive Income by Renting Your Storage Space

3. Renting Your Bike

Your kids grew up and you have a couple bikes lying around, including your own. Of course, you could always sell the bikes for 10$ a piece, or you could make some passive income on them by renting them out!

If you don’t have time to ride your bike Summer, make it available to others. Not only will you be contributing to the sharing economy, you will also be making some passive income on the side. Of course, you could also rent your electric scooter, surfboards, SUP, ATV, snowboard or skis depending on the time of year and demand.

Passive Income Bike Rentals

This passive income source is extremely easy to implement, especially if you already have some bikes, padlocks and helmets. Just list your offer on a peer-to-peer platform (learn more here) and make it available to travellers, commuters and local users.

Check out this article to learn how you can make passive income by renting out your personal bike(s).

[Guide] Passive Income by Renting Your Bike

4. Advertising with Your Car

Advertising with your car is not only very passive, it is also an excellent way to make some extra income with very little effort. This has never been easier thanks to specialised peer-to-peer platforms that put you in contact with companies looking to advertise their business on frequent commuter’s cars.

This passive income source truly is a win-win for advertising companies and those willing to advertise on their car. You do not have to invest any money to be able to enjoy this passive income source. You just need to be willing to have advertisements placed on your car. There are a couple minimum requirements you should have a look at before you jump onto any peer-to-peer platforms.

Check out this guide that covers some of those requirements and provides a list of platforms in different places around the world.

[Guide] Passive Income by Renting Your Car

5. Selling on eBay

If you have things lying around your home that have value and that you never use, it’s easy money waiting for you. Leveraging the power of eBay is an easy way to make money from home with no initial investment. eBay has over 180M active users (Source) and some eBay users are making a very healthy (35.3% of eBay sellers are making between $10,00 and 100,000 USD – Source). Keep in mind those numbers may not consider expenses. Click on the guide below to learn how you can make passive income by selling on eBay. The guide is specifically made for beginners!

[Guide] Passive Income by Selling on eBay

6. Copywriting

If you are looking for a way to make passive income from home with no initial investment, copywriting is an excellent way to go. This service is constantly in demand by companies looking to have articles, blog posts, eBooks and press releases written for them. In our guide, we talk about how you can start this as a side hustle (by freelancing), and then make passive income from copywriting. Click on the guide below to learn more about copywriting as a passive source of income.

[Guide] Passive Income by Copywriting

7. Renting Your Parking Spot

This definitely is one of the easiest ways to make passive income. Renting your parking spot doesn’t even have to require interacting physically with someone. Once you have listed your parking spot on a peer-to-peer platform (list available here) then you are good to go. People will pay you through the platform and use the spot as need be.

According to, spaces in Boston are rented between 100$/month (Somerville) to 400$/month (Downtown).


Of course, the income you make will depend on your location and local prices (you won’t be renting for more than the city – unless parking spots are in very high demand). But if you have an available space, someone will be willing to pay for it if they are in demand in your area. Learn more about peer-to-peer platforms offering this service, tips, tricks and pricing in the guide below.

[Guide] Passive Income by Renting Your Parking Spot

8. Audiobooks

The audiobook market is exploding and represents an incredible passive income opportunity. The Infinite Dial found that 50% of Americans age 12 and older have listened to an audiobook, that’s huge. Hundreds of people listen to audiobooks in their car during their commutes (74% Audio Publishers Association).

This way to make passive income with no money to invest may take a bit more time to carry out (compared to just renting your parking spot or bike), but the rewards can be excellent. You can either create your own audiobooks or offer your services as a freelancer. There are ways to make this side-hustle into a passive income source. We cover it in our guide to making passive income from audiobooks for beginners.

[Guide] Passive Income by Audiobooks

10. Participate in Sleep Studies

Ok so $18,000 is what one of the biggest sleep studies offered for people willing to spend 60 days doing testing with scientists (Source). But there are surely sleep studies in your area that you can participate in to make passive income while contributing to science.

Sleep studies exist not only to help scientists better understand sleep patterns and treat severe sleeping conditions, but also to help them prepare for sending astronauts into space. Some businesses require mattress testing and other testing for sleep-related products.

If you are interested in making passive income while you sleep (quite literally) with no financial investment required, check out our guide on participating in sleep studies.

[Guide] Passive Income by Participating in Sleep Studies

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