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Which Passive Income Idea May You Like?

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Where Would You Like to Make Passive Income?

Would you rather make passive income online or offline? Offline ideas tend to be more in-person, whereas some online ideas are more behind the scenes.

When Should Your Passive Income Stream Provide ROI?

When should you be making enough money from your passive income stream to sustain yourself, and more? More may be your family, and achieving your dreams. For those who dont like acronyms, ROI means Return on Investment, so not only recouping the money you invested, but also making a profit.

How Much Effort Are You Willing to Put Into Building Passive Income?

Hard work means working evenings, nights, early mornings, weekends and on lunch breaks at your regular 9-5. If you are not willing to put in that effort, select the other answer: I am lazy. It's one or the other in the passive income world (it's ok to be lazy, we still have some passive income ideas for you in that case).

How Tolerant Are You to Risk?

Risk averse means you hate risk. Risk tolerant means you do not mind risk. Indifferent means you are not afraid of, nor avoiding risk.

How Much Startup Capital Do You Have?

How much money are you willing to invest to get started building your passive income idea? How much capital do you have to get started?

Select Your Best Skill From the List Below

Chose your top skill form this list.

Passive Income Idea Picker
The Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, you are more risk tolerant and know it takes time to build sustainable passive income streams. You also have a bit more capital to invest in getting started building your passive income stream. Check out the passive income ideas in the list on our blog by clicking on the button below.
The Visionary

You want to make passive income, online or offline, you know you can do it. You have a bit of capital to get started and you are willing to put in the effort to build your passive income stream. Even though you may still have a 9-5, you are a visionary with your eye on building a sustainable passive income stream within the next few months or years. Check out our passive income ideas by clicking on the button below for more information on ideas that may interest you.
The Developper

Your profile matches more of that of a developper. You are less risk tolerant and have coding sills. You want to monetize your highly sought skills with a passive income stream. Learn more in our passive income ideas for developers guide by clicking on the button below.
The "In a Hurry for Money"

You wanted passive income yesterday! You don't have time to wait or capital to invest. You may not want to put too much effort into building your passive income stream either. The following ideas may interest you: Advertise with your car, rent your parking space, rent storage space in your home, rent your bike, sell stock photos and videos. You coud also motivate yourself a bit and start a side hustle based on skills you already have. Learn more about each of these ideas by clicking on the button below.


If you have the profile of an entrepreneur, click the button below for more passive income ideas.


If you have the profile of a developper, click the button below for more passive income ideas.


If you have the profile of a visionary, click the button below for more passive income ideas.

"Hurry for Money"

If you have the profile of a person in  a hurry to make money, click the button below for more passive income ideas.

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