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What would you do with an extra $1,000 passive income per month? Let’s face it, we all love making a couple extra bucks outside of our normal jobs and professions. Raking in some extra cash passively can help you earn a living or supplement your regular income.

What passive income ideas can help me earn $1000 a month? It does not matter what your profession or job is. There are many ideas that can help you make at least $1,000 passive income every month. All you need is time, motivation some skill and commitment because building passive income does take time. Some $1000/mo passive income ideas include a monetized blogging, e-commerce, ridesharing, 3D printing, copywriting etc.

Your passive income idea choice depends on what you love and are willing or able to do. Once your idea is up and running, you won’t have to commit as much of your time. Most of the ideas I will show you will generate thousands of dollars in passive income monthly with very little effort. I know a friend who started out as a young economics trainee working for a large corporation but he always had a passion for writing. He eventually decided to start a freelance writing blog on the side. A few months down the line, he was making more money passively than from 9-5 economics job! If he knew of more cool ways to make passive income, he could have made even more. And that’s what this article is all about.

In this article, we uncover 10 Ways You Can Make $1000 Passive Income every month. Most of these ideas are extremely easy and fun to do. For more details on each idea, you can learn more from each specific guide on our blog by clicking on the orange button or the adjacent image. Let’s get started

1. Blogging

Blogging is a good way of earning income passively. You can make some good money by becoming an online blogger and generating content online. The best part? Blogging is easy! All you need is a good camera, basic writing skills and content. You can earn more than $1,000 per month passively from blogging. Jim and Rick from Income School, in their course Project 24, teach how to make even more money blogging following techniques that they have perfected and evolved for over 10 years. Their course is a 24 month program that contains a blueprint on how to make over $7,000/month blogging. 


If you want to start making money passively through blogging, focus on creating awesome content. From there you can monetize your blog and start making money through your site. For instance, in 2018, Rick and Jim earned 32% of their passive income on one their blogs from ads, 25% from memberships, 12% from info products, and 54% from affiliate marketing. The more popular your blog is the more money you will make.

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How passive is blogging as a way of making passive income? Blogging can become a very passive and scalable way of earning money. You can make a lot of good money running a successful blog. Some bloggers are making more than $1000/monthly writing a couple articles a week. A popular blog is an amazing passive income stream with little hassle. Learn more about how to create a successful blog in Project 24!

2. eCommerce

eCommerce can be a great way for beginners to make an extra $1,000 passive income per month. All you need is a laptop and some basic business skills to get started. eCommerce covers a wide range of ideas and niches that can include flipping items on eBay, selling your own products, drop shipping, or print on demand for example. The video below explains the opportunities that exist with eCommerce for beginners.

Finding one that fits you will depend on your likes. Ecwid is an awesome platform for anyone to get started and allows you to sell your own products (digital or physical), to drop ship, print on demand, and sell on Amazon and eBay all at the same time. Ecwid also offers social eCommerce so you can sell in a Facebook business page and on Instagram. comprehensive guides suitable for beginners in need of information and tips on ecommerce. In case you encounter challenges deciding on a niche idea, this video can help you learn a few tips!

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How passive is eCommerce as a means of earning income? eCommerce offers you varying levels of passiveness, but it’s generally passive, scalable and flexible. eCommerce ideas like selling digital goods or dropshipping can be extremely passive as long as you have regular sales. To make more passive income, ensure you choose a popular niche and select goods that sell well to your audience.

3. 3D Printing

3D Printing is an awesome opportunity for those looking for a good way to make passive income. You may be wondering how a 3D printer can make you money. Click on the guide below to learn more! We cover a number of ways you can make passive income from 3D printing items. However, this will have a high upfront cost if you buy your printer. A more cost effective method would be to sell 3D printed things online. There are many platforms where you can create and sell 3D printed material online. You can also design your 3D prints and sell them to others if you have such design skills. A good 3D printer may cost you a few thousand bucks but the returns can be there if you find the right niche for you.

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Finding one that fits you will depend on your likes. Ecwid is an awesome platform for anyone to get started and allows you to sell your own products (digital or physical), to drop ship, print on demand, and sell on Amazon and eBay all at the same time. Ecwid also offers social eCommerce so you can sell in a Facebook business page and on Instagram. comprehensive guides suitable for beginners in need of information and tips on ecommerce. In case you encounter challenges deciding on a niche idea, this video can help you learn a few tips!

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How passive is 3D printing as a means of making passive income? 3D printing is quite passive especially if you print and resell 3D printed objects online. Although you need considerable capital to start, it can be a fun way to make passive income. For more information check out our 3D Printing passive income guide below.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you are passionate about marketing, this is an idea that might interest you. You can make $1,000 or more every month by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you review and sell products/services on behalf of manufacturers or distributors and earn a commission. You should chose something you are passionate about and actually use yourself. Sites like Amazon and Clickbank offer affiliate marketing programs for some products. Most programs offer commissions of 20% but they can range from 4% to 50% for others (source). It all depends on the platform you choose, your commission structure, and the value of the product.


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How passive is affiliate marketing as a way to make $1000 passive income? Online affiliate marketing is a passive way of making money as long as you have good quality, popular content people can access your affiliate links from. You can create Blogs, YouTube Channels and social media accounts to help promote your products/services or decide to engage your customers in person. This idea will help generate a sense of trust with your customers and make you good money in the end. All you need is a niche product/service, a laptop, and an internet connection to get started.

5. Gaming

Do you love playing video games? Guess what, you can make money while at it! You can easily make more than $1,000 per month through platforms like YouTube and Twitch by playing video games online and commenting on your game play. Better yet, once you’re good at it, you can take part in contests and make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sites like YouTube allow you to monetize your account after you reach more than 1000 users and accumulate 4K watch time hours within a year. This helps you create a passive income stream that can earn you excellent passive income from advertising. Making income from gaming will require a lot of initial effort as you build your channel’s watch time and subscriber base. Once you’re well established, you will start seeing the fruit of your labor. From there, you earn more money passively playing your favorite video games.

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How passive is gaming as a way of making $1000 per month? Gaming is a very passive way of making money. Analysts predict that gaming will be one of the biggest sectors in the future and many people are making good money by playing online games. You can decide to monetize your accounts if you want to earn more income that is passive. Learn more about how you can make passive income by gaming in our guide below.

6. Ride Sharing

You can make money by offering ride-sharing services on Uber and equivalent sites. Some users make close to $ 2000 per month by offering rideshare services using their cars (source). It is becoming very popular today as more people look for ways to make income more passively, while those booking the rides want to save money and enjoy the convenience. You only need to ensure that you meet the company’s entry requirements before you create an Uber profile. The best part? You choose the time you want to work so you don’t have to quit your normal job.

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How passive is ride sharing as a means of making income? Ride sharing is a moderately passive way of earning income since you have to drive. Since you earn money through driving people around you have to be actively involved, but if you are looking for something more passive, you can hire a driver and earn from your car. Also, if you are already taking the trips, driving people on the ride you will already make is just putting extra money in your pocket and that’s passive.

7. Flipping Items Online

You can make some good income through flipping items on peer-to-peer sites like Craigslist. These platforms allow you to sell almost anything and people are making good money doing this. The concept is simple, buy an item at a lower price, and then sell it to another buyer at a higher price. This idea does not require many resources to start and maintain. You can even start with things around your home that you do not use. All you need is a couple items, a laptop and reliable internet connexion to get started. You can make an excellent return on investment flipping items you find in garage sales. Just have a look at Gary Vee do it!


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How passive is flipping products when making $1000 passive income? Flipping items is a moderately passive income source since it requires you to purchase and flip items. You will have to deal with different customers regularly and may have to deal with returns. Finding a specific product that works well and rinsing and repeating or outsourcing the work is a great way to make the process more passive. You can take just a couple hours per week to get started earning passive income flipping items.

8. Copywriting

Becoming a copywriter can make you a good amount of passive income. You can choose to monetize your blog or write for other people. Some will prefer to create agencies and write for clients in order to make this idea much more passive. A beginner can try freelancing to grow their skills before starting their own blogs. A standard writer makes about $10 per hour most writing platforms such as iWriter.

You can build blogs that make you up to $7k in passive income in a few years’ time using the Project 24 method. You will require high quality content to generate traffic to your site. Starting will require a lot of your commitment, time, and effort. Once build a client base and begin making money, you will find it easier to start outsourcing. You can learn more from Jim and Rick from their proven writing formulas in their course on how to make money blogging.


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How passive is copywriting as a way of making a passive income? Copywriting is a moderately passive way of making money. You have to interact frequently with clients as you source for content to write. If you have your own blog, you will have to put in a lot of effort initially to build up your content. A good copywriter can make more than $1,000 per month. Check out our guide below on how to make money copywriting.

9. Selling On eBay

Selling some of your products on eBay can be a good way to supplement your income or make ends meet. Although many think eBay is in decline since Amazon came to be, eBay still has 180 million users as of 2019 (source). This number has quite a large market of buyers who can help you earn some good money passively. Some sellers make millions on eBay though most active sellers are making in the hundreds to thousands of dollars a month (source). Selling on eBay is easy since all you need is some commitment and a basic level of business skills. You can make over $1,000 per month by selling your items on eBay.

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How passive is selling your items on eBay as a way of making passive income? Using eBay is a moderately passive way of making an income. You may have to interact a lot with your potential customers and deal with returns. This can take a couple hours per week. Ensure that your products are of high quality and in high demand if you are looking to make more money from this venture. You can consider using trusted online sites like Terapeak and Google trends that will provide a good platform for sellers looking for trending products on the web to resell on eBay.

10. Rent A Friend Services

You are probably thinking that this is a cool and easy way to make some income. It is possible to make money by joining some of the popular and interactive friend renting platforms on the internet. Although this may seem a bit absurd in Western countries, these types of services are very popular and common place in Japan for example. Some sites Rentafriend will pay up to $ 50 per hour for your services. All you have to do is to accompany someone in need of a friend for some time. Some users of these platforms are travelers looking for guides to show them around. Others are elderly people looking for someone to talk to. You get to make money while having fun and meeting new people. Of course, look for a trusted site with good reviews before you register. Some people are making up to $1,000 per month by using this service.


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How passive is Rent a friend as a way of making money passively? You will find this method moderately passive. This idea will require you to have frequent interactions with other people. This can take up a lot of your time and attention so this is more of a side hustle. Of course, avoid taking part in illegal activities when you are in the company of your new friends. Learn more in our guide below.

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Related Questions

How much money do I need to start earning passively? Some of the passive income ideas like freelance writing only require little resources such as a laptop and internet. Others like 3D printing might require a larger capital input. Try to look for ideas that can fit your budget comfortably.

How long do I have to wait before I can start earning passively? This depends on the niche, the idea you chose, your execution, motivation and skill. Some methods of making income will take longer. Selling items on eBay will take a shorter time if you sell popular items, compared to starting your own blog. You only need some patience, skill and commitment to pull it off.

Can you sell on eBay for free? If you choose to sell things on eBay and other online platforms, pay close attention to some of the platforms pricing policies. eBay for instance allows new accounts to sell up to 10 products free while older accounts can sell up to 50 products without a charge. Generally, eBay collects only 10% from you once a sale occurs.