7 Urgent Things Beginners Need to Know About Passive Income

Beginners, you can make passive income in less complex ways than real estate, dropshipping or financial investments! Read on for more information on how you can make actual passive income, even if

Beginners can make passive income in many different ways – but most online gurus or famous authors focus on specific niches like real estate, dropshipping or financial investments… Beginners, you can make passive income in other, less complex ways!

How can a beginner make passive income? Beginners can make passive income in a variety of ways that do not have to consist in large or complex financial investments. The following are the main ways beginners can make passive income:

  • Brick & Mortar Businesses
  • Online businesses
  • Side Hustles
  • Peer-to-Peer Economy
  • Investments

What does that actually mean? It means it has never been easier for beginners to make passive income! This website, Beginners Passive Income, is dedicated to providing beginners with guides and ideas on how to make passive income. Read on for more information on how you can make actual passive income, even if you are just starting out.

How Can a Beginner Make Passive Income?

Beginners Passive Income is dedicated to providing you with guides and ideas on how to make passive income. The following contains a selection of references from our site that answer the question of how beginners can make passive income. Feel free to click on the buttons below, they will take you to other sections of our site with even more info.

#1. The Difference Between Passive Income vs Active Income

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrDs5zqjlHEBefore we get into the details of how to make passive income as a beginner, let’s have a quick look at how we define passive income.

Definition of Passive Income: Passive income is a steady stream of income that does not require active maintenance. Passive income may take an important time or financial investment to create and setup. However, it can provide non-active income for many years forward.

So, if you worked very hard to build a passive income blog by copywriting, and it is making you $5000/month after two years, you can reap the benefits of your hard initial work for years to come.

Definition of Active Income: Contrary to passive income, active income requires physical presence and time in order to produce revenue. It is requires a constant time and physical effort, and may not provide income on days where physical presence is not met (ex. sick days, vacactions, retirement).

If we took the example of blogging again, in the case of active income, you would be working on your boss’s or client’s blog in a 9-5 format job, or as a freelancer. In that case, you are working to build a passive income blog for someone else, while you invest your time and physical presence to make an hourly or flat rate.

If you are making active income working for someone else, theoretically, you have to wake up in the morning, go to work, and complete tasks throughout the day for your boss and colleagues. If you are absent one day, you may not get paid. If you are sick or go on vacation, you may not get paid. This can be a great way for people to make money if they need it right away or to build up a base to start making more passive income.

However, Passive income can provide you income at any time of the day. If you put in the initial time and effort to build a strong, recurring passive income stream, it will provide you with income while you are playing with your kids, taking the day off, on vacation or even sleeping.

Learn More About Active VS. Passive Income

Want to learn more? Read this article  it’s a great place to start when you want to learn more about active income vs passive income. The article covers the following topics:

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#2. Passive Income is Real & It’s Never Been Easier for Beginners

We live in a time full of so much opportunity! But, due to bad publicity and a multiplicity of guys standing in front of expensive cars on YouTube selling false hops, the idea that passive income actually exists has become highly questioned. However, passive income is real and can be created through traditional means such as stocks, bonds investments, and real estate, or through modern means like online peer-to-peer platforms, blogs and businesses.

Click here or on the button below to learn more if you have doubts about passive income actually being real. This article has a look at some passive income questions beginners may have, like if passive income is a myth, how it can make you rich.

Learn More About Making Passive Income

The article also includes some cool passive income ideas for beginners:

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#3. Passive Income Can Make You Rich

You may have read that title and thought, awesome! Now I know exactly how to get rich! Passive income is the way to go, I knew it. Sure, but before you get there, you need to know where “there” actually is. What does “rich” mean to you?

Passive income can make you rich if you have multiple, scalable, sustainable, income streams that demande little to no time to maintain and provide enough ROI (Return on Investment) to exceed your expenses.

There are hundreds of ways you can make passive income like through traditional financial investments, or online or by starting a business, or through peer-to-peer platforms. But you need to know how you define “rich” before you decide on the route you would like to talk (which you can check out here on our site in the article “5 Passive Income Sources & How to Choose the Best One”). 

Learn About How Passive Income Can Make You Rich

Click on the link here if you do not yet know how much passive income you need to be “rich” and what it takes to become rich from passive income:

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  • Income Do I Need to be “Rich”?
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  • Become Rich from Passive Income?

#4. The Benefits of Passive Income

We already had a look at the difference between active vs. passive income. But if you still aren’t convinced of the numerous benefits of passive income, we would like to invite you to read this article on our blog that contains 18 benefits of passive income. Here is the main one:

An individual with enough passive income to sustain themselves and their family, while exceeding their costs allows financial freedom.

Passive income is freedom to us. Without the pressures of restraining your time (and your actual life) to a value per hour, you will have much more flexibility to generate income that won’t be capped off by the number of hours you can work per week. If you still aren’t convinced, read the article to find out the 18 benefits 😉

See the 18 Benefits of Passive Income

#5. How Much Passive Income You Can Generate

We are human. We only have so many hours in a day, and even if we were paid $500 per hour, we would still be limited by the time we can physically be present at work. You probably heard that rich people make most of their revenue from passive income, it’s true. The beauty of passive income is that it does not depend on your time or physical presence to provide you money.

How much passive income you can generate is unlimited. The reason being it is an income source that is independent from your personal time and physical presence. However, how much passive income you can generate also depends on the types and number of passive income sources you have, as well as your upfront effort, motivation, perseverance and skill to build a non-active, scalable, sustainable passive income source.

So yes, there not only work involved, there are a couple factors that will influence how much passive income you can generate. This article covers those hurdles, and actual numbers (passive income revenue) made by different people in each niche. Here is a quick example:

According to Income School, a monetized blog can make over 7,000$ / month of passive income once the traffic reaches about 170k monthly page views (which takes about 24 months).

Learn more about Income School here.

Read More On How Much Passive Income You Can Generate

This article covers the following topics:

  • Types of Passive Income Sources
  • Number of Passive Income Sources [Diversification]
  • Your Motivation, Perseverance And Skill [Upfront Effort]
  • Building a Non-Active, Scalable, Sustainable
  • Passive Income Source
  • Can Passive Income Make me Rich?

#6. How to Choose the Best Passive Income Source

There are multiple ways to make passive income despite the myths of overnight success and the obscure financial advice you may find across the web. Passive income may be generated by investments, but could also come from an online business, brick and mortar businesses, the peer-to-peer economy or even side hustles.

Generating passive income does not have to require investing money (check out this article for ways to make passive income without spending any money), but it usually demands a lot of time to setup. This article covers each passive income source in detail, while providing examples and passive income ideas, so you can decide which kind of passive income is best for your needs.

  • 1. Peer-to-Peer Economy Income Sources
  • 2. Businesses That Can Be Automated or Outsourced
  • 3. (Monetized) Online Businesses
  • 4. Side Hustles That Are Eventually Outsourced
  • 5. Passive Income Generating Investments
  • How do I Know Which Passive Income Source is the Best for Me?

Learn How to Choose the Best Passive Income Source

#7. Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

This website, Beginners Passive Income, provides beginners with hundreds of ideas to make passive income. We don’t focus on more complex ways to make passive income like real estate or stocks and bonds. Sure you can make passive income with those types of investments, however, they may not be the most beginner-friendly ways.

Head over to our home page for hundreds of easy passive income ideas for beginners. They are each ranked by how:

  • Passive
  • Scalabile
  • Expensive (Startup Costs)
  • Difficult
  • Time-Consuming
  • Risky
  • Seasonal
  • And by how much ROI (Return on Investment) they provide.

See Our Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

Related Questions

How can I make passive income with no money to invest? You can make passive income with no money to invest by using peer-to-peer platforms offering rentals (AirBnB, renting your bike or your parking spot), or other by other means including side-hustles (copywriting, being a virtual assistant, creating audio books etc.) Learn more in this article.

How do I start making passive income? Before you get started making passive income, know what your goals are (how much money would you like to make), and how much passive income you can generate. Then choose the best passive income stream for your needs and goals. Then you can choose a passive income idea depending on your skills and needs.

Beginners Passive Income

It takes time, effort, perseverance, motivation and skill to build profitable, sustainable passive income streams. We hope to inspire you and provide you excellent passive income ideas along your journey to financial independence.

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