Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Updated 22 October 2019

Before submitting your information to us, please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing and using our sites, you accept the practices described here. The Site is defined as the website available on https://beginnerspassiveincome.com (“we”, “us”, “our”) and includes its content and derivative works, including, but not limited to, our video content, social media posts, social media comments, digital products such as e-books, courses, and mailing. “Social networks” includes YouTube.

The following additional terms, which can be accessed from the footer of our site, or by following the links below, will also apply to your use of our site:

  • Our Terms of UseDisclaimers, and Privacy Policy, which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data we collect from you or that you provide to us. By using our site you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data you provide is accurate.
  • If you purchase goods or services from our site, the transaction will be covered by our Store Policy.

By using our site, you confirm that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to comply with them. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you must not use our site.


Beginners Passive Income is a website that provides beginners an introduction to the concept of passive income with ideas and informational guides about passive income. Thank you for your interest in working with us.


We reserve there right to not publish your content if it:

  • Does not meet our objectives
  • Contains any defamatory content (racist, homophobic, discriminatory, etc)
  • If it is not helpful or does not provide our target audience value
  • If it is focused on product reviews or selling before providing value or being helpful
  • If the length is too short (under 1k words)
  • If the content is trivial, unhelpful, vague, repetitive, or unstructured
  • If, as an author or business, we feel you do not fit the profile we would like to work with
  • If your content is plagiarized, or would demand too much correction (grammar etc)
  • Or for any other reason we deem reasonable based on our objective or other

If we decide to not publish your work, you will be informed and it will not be published on our website.


We follow the Project 24 methodology when publishing content on our site and expect the same format from other writers. Learn more about how to follow the Project 24 methodology here. Have a look at any articleOpens in a new tab. on our site for an outline you can follow in terms of introduction, structure, and related questions.


The tone on Beginners Passive Income is informal, informative and clear. Please avoid overly industry-specific and highly technical terms or explain them if necessary. Keep the content as beginner friendly as possible.


Articles are expected to be a minimum of 1,000 words. The most important factor for Beginners Passive Income remains the quality of the content, its helpfulness, and the value it provides the readers before length.


All posts are to be run through a spell check and grammar check system before being submitted for review. Minimize errors and put capitals on titles in English. If capitals on titles are neglected throughout the article, we will automatically send it back to you for review. Please follow the Project 24 Methodology in terms of formatting.


Make sure to check your sources before submitting any content to us. Quote the original source before quoting another blog or article. Be sure that the original source is still available and is authoritative (government, recognized organisation, official study, etc.). We do check this before publication and it is very important to us. If the source is not key to the article content, link it as such: (source) at the end of the phrase or after the content of the source is quoted. Do not quote full paragraphs from other sources, select key information (statistics, quotes) over full sentences.


We work above all with other experts in passive income. We would accept articles written by a business if they provide our audience value first before pitching a sale. We can link to your author bio and social profiles in the bio section at the end of the article. See the Reservations section of this page for more information on why we could choose to not publish your work.

Things We Review Before Publishing

  • Grammar, punctuation, capitalization of titles (if this last element is missing we will send the article back to you without further reading it)
  • Quoted sources: do the source quote that information? Is it an original source, or another blog?
  • Does the article provide our audience value? Is it helpful?
  • Does the formatting respect the Project 24 methodology?
  • Is the article trying to sell a product, or provide value first?
  • Is the information redundant, outdated or trivial?
  • Etc.

Terms & Conditions

You grant a perpetual license to Beginners Passive Income, and its assigns, managers, employees, representatives, transferees, and any future owners of Beginners Passive Income a perpetual license to use the content, texts, documents, photos or video you submit to us for pay, or for free, on https://beginnerspassiveincome.com social media, books, videos, products, other articles, or on any other media it sees fit, without further payment. However, Beginners Passive Income may not sell the standalone photos as stock or fine art photography except as combined with other resources in a product. 

Beginners Passive Income needs not provide credit to you upon use of submitted content of any type, and the content may be published under another’s name. You grant full ownership and exclusive perpetual ownership and copyright to Beginners Passive Income for any text or content submitted to Us. Beginners Passive Income becomes the sole owner of this text and You have no right to the ownership of article text, may not repost the articles on other websites, and may not claim ownership of the text. Take note that measures may be taken against you if you duplicate or republish the content on another website.

You understand and agree that if you plagiarizes or duplicates content on any post or fails to perform basic functions of creating quality content, Beginners Passive Income may reasonably deny any further payment–even for content created which met the guidelines. 

You agree to hold Beginners Passive Income and its assigns, owners, managers, transferees, employees, and licensees harmless of any wrongdoing in connection with this agreement and these terms. By submitting content to Beginners Passive Income, You affirm that you are the exclusive holder of all rights to the content submitted. You warrant that you hold all necessary rights for the content to be published by Beginners Passive Income and that you have secured valid model and property releases where required. All property such as statues, buildings, or any other intellectual property must be accompanied by a valid property release. Any model or property release must cover or be assignable to Beginners Passive Income by the media creator. You agree to assign all available model releases and proprietary releases to cover Beginners Passive Income where needed and will take no action to prevent Beginners Passive Income from obtaining the release. You agree to provide a model or property release covering Beginners Passive Income at its request, and affirms by submitting content that he or she has the power to do so. 

You agree that you are not an employee of Beginners Passive Income and that you will not represent yourself as such to any third party. You shall say they are “independent” contributors, and not employees of Beginners Passive Income. You agree to accept full liability for any claim of defamation to a third party arising out of the content submitted by You.

How You Can Submit Your Content

You can reach out to us to submit your idea or content by filling in the form on this page.