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Should You Quit Your 9-5 Job?

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So many people want to quit they’re 9 to 5 job but do not know where to start. Hundreds of questions usually come up. Will I have enough money to sustain myself and my family? What will my partner think? What about job security, and the pension that I’ve been saving up for? Learn more about what it takes here.

35 Passive Income Ideas for Developers [All Types]

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No matter what language you know, or are learning, there are many different types of making passive income as a developer. Some passive income ideas for developers including creating and selling chatbots, assets, tools, API bridges, animations, functions, themes, widgets, apps, plugins, bots, and software. Check out our passive income ideas for developers!

39 Passive Income Ideas for College Students

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There are many passive income ideas you can consider as a college student. Some ideas include advertising with your car, affiliate marketing, blogging, creating and selling chatbots, flipping items and more. These passive income ideas for college students don’t require fixed hours that would interfere with schooling.

10 Ways to Make Passive Income With Cars

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Your car can make you passive income. With the explosion of peer-to-peer platforms and the “side gig economy,” there are now many ways to quickly and easily make money using your car, and some are more passive than others. Learn about 10 ways you can make money with your car in this article.

34 Passive Income Ideas For Designers

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Here are 34 passive income ideas for designers including print on demand, affiliate marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, starting a YouTube Channel, selling printable art, eBay, Zazzle, lead generation, logo animation, restaurant menu design, product photography, selling online courses and more.