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12 Facts About Passive Income Niche Sites

Passive Income Online

A niche site is a website that caters to a specific audience or target market via content that answers their specific questions, interests, and needs. A niche site may cover topics geared towards a core market interested in hobbies, technology, food, or sports for example. Learn more here.

497 Inspiring Niche YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube Channel Niche Ideas

Some niche YouTube Channel ideas include 3D printing, amateur radio, beard care, engraving, robot combat, tarot, dutchoven cooking, curing meats, breakdancing, parkour, survivalism, 360 cameras, IoT, small business funding and AirBnB hosting for example. These are market segments you can address in YouTube videos or niche blogs.

10 Ways Make Money With Print-on-Demand

print on demand sucess

Print-on-demand is a form of drop shipping that allows you to make and sell merchandise without having it in stock. When a customer places an order in your print-on-demand store, it is automatically sent to a fulfillment center that will print and ship the sold products for you. Learn more about making money with this idea here.

Video Guide to Making eBooks

How To Make An eBook

You can easily make an eBook for free. You only need a Google account, a computer, and a stable internet connection and eBook content. Using Google Docs, you can create and format an eBook fairly quickly and easily. Learn more here.

Audiobook Narration For Beginners

passive income audio book narration beginners

There are many ways you can improve your narration skills. Some factors that affect narration include your posture, vocal cord exercises, intonation, your interest in the content and what you consume before narrating. With the right posture, healthy diet, and preparation, it is possible to produce high-quality audiobook content. Learn more here.

How to Make Money Selling Chatbots

passive income sell chatbots make money small

You can make an excellent income by creating and selling chatbots. One way of monetizing your blog is by selling it to a company/business or offering it to them for free, and earning a commission on sales from it. Many businesses are willing to buy chatbots to automate parts of their sales, support, and marketing processes. Learn more here.

9 Ways to Make Money From a Chatbot​

Make money chatbots bot

You can make money from chatbots in a variety of ways. You can monetize your chatbot with affiliate marketing, eCommerce, advertising, lead generation, surveys, landing page, and sales funnel processes. You could also sell your chatbot to businesses to reduce customer support overhead. Learn more here!

How to Sell eBooks on Your Own Website

How to Sell eBooks on Your Own Website passive income

It is possible for you to create and sell eBooks on your website. eCommerce tools such as Ecwid make it super easy to sell products online. For instance, if you run a niche site on educational content you can create and sell eBooks about your niche topics and earn income through your online store. Learn more here.

8 Passive Income Ideas For Artists

Passive Income Ideas for Artists

Artists can make income passively, but not just from their artwork. The growth of technology and especially the internet has brought about many opportunities that artists can use to grow their income streams like blogging, affiliate marketing, print-on-demand services, eCommerce, 3D Printing and more. Learn more here.

12-Step Guide to Dropshipping Passive Income

passive income dropshipping

Hundreds of people are talking about how they make six-figure passive income dropshipping products online. Some are selling a few high-ticket items every month, others are selling hundreds of low-ticket items. How much you can actually make depends on profit margins and expenses, which are often overlooked. Learn more here.

Passive Income With a Monetized YouTube Channel

Youtube passive income channels

You can make passive income as a YouTuber. Instead of being paid to create videos for an hourly rate, you can create videos on a monetized channel you own and get paid allowing ads to be shown on your videos based on variables including number of monetized views, viewer location, seasons, target market, and industry. Learn more here!

Passive Income Podcasting

passive income podcasting beginners

Posting a single podcast episode every week is pretty passive, wouldn’t you agree? And yet, According to Project 24, if monetized and advertised correctly, you can make $1,700 per episode with a well monetized podcast. That comes to a very healthy and fairly passive income of $6,800 per month. Learn more here!

6 Ways to Make Passive Income With eCommerce

Passive Income eCommerce

You can make passive income from an online store if it is built to generate passive income, and not active income. Passive income does not require your active presence, whereas most online stores are built to require the owner’s constant, and active participation (packing and shipping the product for example). This beginner guide covers how you can make passive (not active) income from selling online.

Passive Income With Chatbots

Passive Income Chatbots

Chatbots can make you passive income, but you have to know how to monetize them. Although creating a chatbot is easy, creating a profitable chatbot will take time and effort. But with some of the tips discussed below, you should not have any problems making money off your chatbots.

Passive Income Copywriting

Passive Income Copywriting

This article takes a look at how you can make a passive income copywriting, notably by creating a blog and monetizing the traffic, or creating a copywriting agency. We will touch on freelancing because it may be a great place to start if you have no experience copywriting.

Passive Income From Audiobooks

Passive Income Audiobooks

Audiobooks represent an excellent passive income opportunity, and the market is exploding. If you love to read, have a talent or passion for reading out loud, it is fairly easy to become an audiobook narrator. Once you have the necessary gear to get started, you can offer your talent on platforms like Fiverr and get new clients fairly quickly.

Passive Income With Niche Membership Sites

Passive Income Membership Sites

A niche membership site has a section that is accessible exclusively to members only. For this reason, a site member pays a monthly or yearly fee in order to access the exclusive content. This guide covers how you can create a niche membership site to make recurring passive income. This is a fantastic passive income stream that you can implement on your current blog, or on a completely new website.

Passive Income Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income Affiliate Marketing

Beginners can make passive income with affiliate marketing by choosing a product or service they love, signing up to an affiliate marketing service, promoting the product to an audience, and then receiving a commission on sales made through their links. Learn how in this article!