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There are very many blogs and YouTube channels with information on how to make passive income. Finding the ideal blog or channel for your passive income idea in the sea of results can be challenging. The fact is, not all sources provide the most essential information or tips to earn passive income.

How can I find the best passive income Blog or YouTube channel? Many factors make certain passive income blogs and YouTube channels standout from the rest. Factors include the quality of their content, practicability, sustainability, and proven estimates of the amount of passive income you can make from the ideas they develop. Some channels are specialised and more tailored to specific audiences than others.

In this article, we review eight of the best passive income blogs and YouTube channels, the reasons that make them standout, and how you can benefit from the ideas they develop. We have personally benefited from some of these sites and attribute part of our passive income success to their content. For more details on each blog or channel, click on the orange button or the adjacent image.

Why We Made This List

When we started learning about what passive income is a couple years ago, we found it very hard to find authentic, relatable content on the internet about making passive income. So many channels don’t go into details on how they make passive income and try to sell you $10k+ info-products to learn more. I wonder how they make passive income? … Others exaggerate the amount of money you can make so that their videos more appealing. We just don’t relate to guys calling us “poor little bi****s” (there really is an ad that does this), standing next to Lambourghinis or walking around an office filming themselves. We just don’t.

Our favourite passive income blogs or channels offer high quality content (e.g. blogs posts, courses, guides, tips etc.) with detailed, step-by-step information on how you can earn money from a passive income idea. The best channels are real about passive income. They don’t exaggerate the amount of money your idea can help you make or the time needed to generate that income passively. They offer honest and proven income estimates over reasonable periods of time so that you don’t get disappointed when your idea takes too long or generates low income passively. The best channels don’t aggressively sell you their own products either. They put value first.

We searched high and low and finally found them. These channels are specialised in specific niches of passive income and some will be more interesting to you than others. Definitely subscribe to those you are interested in – it’s worth it. So here is our list of real, authentic people who will tell you the truth – passive income exists, but IT TAKES WORK. It takes time, effort, perseverance, motivation and skill to build profitable, sustainable passive income streams. If you have the motivation and skill to do it, these channels will inspire you and provide you excellent passive income ideas. Let’s dive in.

1. For Beginners: Beginners Passive Income

  • Type: Blog & YouTube Channel
  • Content Posting: Weekly

Since we had such a hard time finding relatable passive income content, we decided to create our own. The Beginners Passive Income YouTube channel is specifically made for anyone who is new to the concept of passive income and wants to learn more. We created a blog and and accompanying YouTube channel to share our definition of passive income and a variety of ideas to get beginners started.

Beginners Passive Income offers the concepts, theories and ideas for anyone who wants to learn more about what passive income is and what ideas may interest them. We provide detailed guides specifically tailored to beginners that are extremely easy to understand and follow. Our blog offers a number of ideas and guides such as how to make passive income blogging, podcasting, gaming, with chatbots, copywriting, on renting your things and more. We have a list of 300 passive income and side hustle ideas you can download for free on this page. Beginner Passive Income also covers ideas for larger groups such as passive income ideas for College Students, Photographers, Introverts, and Architects

Why Beginner Passive Income?

We want to offer quality content that is easy to understand for beginners. We try to keep the passive income guides and ideas on our site beginner friendly and do not really cover investing as most passive income channels already do (ex. Real Estate, stocks, bonds…). Beginner Passive Income offers ideas that are extremely easy to understand and start for all beginners. The content is simple, highly viable, and tailored to benefit anyone with little or no experience in passive income. Guides that teach you everything you need to know to get started on a passive income idea. We are real about the fact that without motivation, perseverance, skill and a lot of time, your passive income idea will not come to life. Find something you are passionate about, and do it!

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2. For Blogging: Income School

  • Type: Blog & YouTube Channel. Podcast for Project 24 members.
  • Content Posting: Rick and Jim provide content every Monday on their YouTube channel. They also offer a weekly podcast to Project 24 members. They have not updated their Income School blog in a couple years.

So many people confuse blogging with vlogging. Vlogging is a very popular way of expressing yourself through video. Vlogging usually consists of daily content that talks about the presenter’s day. But vlogging is very different from blogging. Blogging has to do with answering people’s specific questions that they actually type into Google. By answering questions people actually ask, and by following the right formula, you can generate traffic to your website that you can then monetize. Blogging can be an extremely lucrative way of making passive income if you know how to do it right. If you are looking for a YouTube channel that will help you get started blogging to earn passive income, Income School is it!

Income School comprises YouTube Channel, and a step-by-step course run by two successful entrepreneurs and long-time buddies, Rick and Jim. The duo boasts over 20 successful passive income blogs (including Camper Report, Dirt Bike Planet, and Improve Photography etc.) that helped them rake in over $1 million in 2018! Their course, which is called Project 24, teaches how to generate over $7,000 of passive income in 24 months following their exact methods.

We really appreciate Rick and Jim because they are authentic. Their goal behind Income School is to teach people how to make passive income from blogging so that they can provide for their families. They want to help provide people with better lives, so that they can have more time with their loved ones and eventually leave the rat race. We want the same thing for our readers at Beginners Passive Income 🙂 We are Project 24 members and highly recommend their course that actually contains over 13 courses including a YouTube, Podcasting and Photography course! They are amazing.

In their blogging course, they base their focus on content development as opposed to SEO tactics and keyword research. By following their methodologies, you can earn a full time income from your blog within 24 months. They also offer other different topics such as, how websites make money and the most lucrative ideas of earning passive income in general. Their courses are excellent for beginners and detail how you can you start earning passive income from blogging. The course offers unmatched value for money since it comprises 13 different courses that are updated constantly.

Why Income School & Project 24?

Rick and Jim know what they are talking about. One of the main reasons for that is that they are still building blogs from scratch today. They know that, as internet marketers, what was relevant three years ago may not work today. So contrary to other “SEO gurus,” Rick and Jim are still in the trenches building brand new blog today. They want to make sure that their course, techniques and content are always relevant. Rick and Jim provide detailed guidelines on how you can make the most from your passive income blog. In fact, they offer much more than we expected in Project 24! They even have a weekly podcast! Their work speaks for itself. Some of Project 24 members, including myself have many good things to say about their course.

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3. For Doctors: Passive income MD.

  • Type: Blog
  • Content Posting: Weekly

Most doctors will rarely have enough time to think of looking for other streams of income. But if you are a medical practitioner looking for viable ideas of earning passive income, you might want to consider Passive Income MD

Passive Income MD is an online platform that aims at giving doctors financial freedom by helping them to learn how to earn passive income through various ideas. Peter, a successful anesthesiologist from Los Angeles is a qualified anesthesiologist who is passionate about making passive income. He runs the Passive Income MD blog. He shares many ways through which doctors and other medical professionals can earn passive income like creating podcasts on different health topics.

One of his members, CEO of Turntable Health D R. Zubin Damania, provides some insight on how he used Peter’s ideas to generate income and promote healthcare worldwide (source). The site also teaches medical professionals how to run a blog, take part in paid medical surveys, and a list of other physician side hustles (source) etc. that can earn a decent passive income.

Why Passive Income MD.?

This platform is highly geared towards Doctors, physicians, and other members of the medical profession. Members learn how to create content on some of the topics in their fields and earn passive income. The blog also offers additional services to medics including financial advisories, insurance companies, and informative courses to help them boost their skills.

4. For Graphic Designers: Roberto Blake

  • Type: YouTube Channel & Blog
  • Content Posting: Roberto is much more known for his weekly YouTube content, although he does run a blog that is also updated regularly.

Are you a passionate designer looking to learn different ways of earning passive income from graphic design? Roberto Blake is your go to guy! Roberto is a successful YouTuber who teaches people many different ways of earning passive income from graphic designing. He even shares with us on how he used passive income to generate income for himself and even pay for college. He is very positive and friendly in his videos, inviting his viewers to create something awesome. His goal is to encourage listeners to take action upon their passions and turn their greatest skills into passive income streams.

Roberto also runs a training and coaching platform with resources (articles, guides, and other types of content) that guide designers on how best to make the most out of their designer skills. He has a strong online following with more than 4k subscribers on his channel alone. On one of his videos he shares with us on how to make $100 a day passive income. He is real about the fact that building passive income streams requires actual work and invites people who are interested in get rich quick schemes to check out other YouTube videos.

Why Roberto Blake?

Roberto is highly skilled and successful in this field. He is a designer that has a lot of experience on how to make money online using different sites like YouTube and Instagram etc. Both on his blog and YouTube channel, Roberto offers different passive income ideas and tutorials including How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast, How to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers, How to Start a YouTube Channel, How to Make Better Videos, etc. His ideas are well articulated and curated to notably benefit graphic designers. The ideas are also easy to understand, highly viable, and lucrative enough to earn you a decent passive income.

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5. For Programmers: TechLead

  • Type: YouTube Channel
  • Content Posting: Weekly

Are you a programmer looking for a resourceful site to help you earn passive income from your programming skills? TechLead is it! According to TechLead the average software engineer can make a good and steady stream of passive income by creating content on software some of the software issues that challenge most of us.

TechLead is Patrick Shyu – an ex-Google Tech Lead, app entrepreneur, digital nomad traveler, and software engineer, uses his YouTube channel to educate programmers how they can earn passive income. He quit his job at Google (and Facebook) to make money passively to support himself. Patrick shares some of the most popular ways to make passive income as a software developer and earns income by sharing information with other software enthusiasts. This can include creating software and YouTube content.

Patrick also shares more personal stories in the life of a developer like his recent divorce and the impact on his portfolio as a successful Silicon Valley Tech Lead. Some of the informative videos on his channel include the ones above: 5 Tips to Start Earning Passive Income, 7 Habits of Successful Programmers, and Working as a Remote Software Developer etc.

Why TechLead for Passive Income?

TechLead is not only run by a successful programmer, it offers comprehensive content meant to help programmers earn passive income. Patrick is a successful programmer who’s worked for giant tech companies like Google and Facebook so you can expect to learn a lot from him. We have searched for other programmers online and no one matches TechLead in terms of content quality, presentation skills (very funny and awkward), success, and popularity.

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6. For General Knowledge: Pat Flynn

  • Type: Blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast
  • Content Posting: Weekly

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income was one of the first internet marketers to talk about how he made passive income. He started his blog back in 2009 and has been sharing his tips since. If you want to learn more about anything related to passive income, Pat Flynn is the guy. Pat runs a popular YouTube channel, podcast and blog where he shares some of the ways that you can make a passive income. On one video he shares with us on how you can create a podcast using an iPhone. On another video, he shares with us on how to keep out echoes using blankets and pillows. They are cool tips and tricks to get started.

Please Note If you are looking proven ways to make passive income as a beginner, we highly recommend Rick and Jim’s Channel instead of Pat’s. Pat is awesome, but Rick and Jim are still in the trenches. Pat successfully runs his passive income blog, but he isn’t still building blogs on the side, himself. Rick and Jim are still writing the content on their blogs themselves, starting brand new YouTube channels, and ensuring that their techniques and tricks are still relevant today. What worked three years ago in internet marketing may not work today. It’s important to apply today’s best practices, especially when just starting out.

Why Smart Passive Income?

Pat is highly experienced and skilled in the different ways you can generate passive income. He’s generated over $5 million in passive earnings from a diverse income streams like digital products, affiliate marketing, software, books, coaching, public speaking, and advertising etc. Just take note that it took him years to build up the following he now has which he can leverage to boost his income. He isn’t just starting out from scratch and he is not writing brand new niche blogs in his own personal time today. So If you are looking to learn more about how to make passive income blogging or podcasting today, check out Project 24 instead.

Learn How to Blog & Podcast in Project 24

7. For YouTube Passive Income: Income School

  • Type: Blog & YouTube Channel. Podcast for Project 24 members
  • Content Posting: Rick and Jim provide content every Monday on their YouTube channel. They also offer a weekly podcast to Project 24 members. They have not updated their Income School blog in a couple years.

Once again, we recommend Income School. YouTube is becoming an extraordinary popular platform for people looking to make income passively. You can start and run channels on different topics that include product reviews, general knowledge topics, and education. You can make good money from this with some channels making well over $1,0000 per month.

Jim and Ricky are successful digital marketers who have an in depth knowledge on how you can make money using YouTube. What we love about Rick and Jim’s is that they’re actually still creating brand new YouTube channels today. They aren’t sitting on their past successes. They want to make sure that their tips and tricks are actually still relevant and work for different industries and niches. And anyone who is interested in learning how to make passive income from YouTube, should definitely check out their project 24 course. Their YouTube course in Project 24 goes into detail on a unique tip that has boosted their channel and earnings.

Why Income School?

If you want to make the most out of your YouTube Channel, Income school offers you great value for your money and time. They have well detailed guidelines on how you can make a highly monetizable YouTube channel without too much struggle. They also offer a lot of information on different topics such as how to make money from Podcasts, Niche Sites, YouTube Videos, Blogs, and Photography etc. The best part? Their work speaks for itself. Some of their members, including ourselves have many good things to say about Project 24 (see the testimonials section).

Learn How to Make Passive Income from YouTube in Project 24

8. For Real Estate & Sales: Grant Cardone

  • Type: YouTube Channel
  • Content Posting: Weekly

Grant Cardone is a real estate tycoon, public speaker, CEO, investor and author. He is an internationally renowned sales trainer and is well known for his best selling book, The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last. He runs a popular YouTube show where people can call in and ask him questions live. The bulk of Grant Cardone’s income is from real estate and the successful businesses he runs. He also makes money from his best-selling books and investments.

Why Grant Cardone?

His videos are very motivational. He also talks about sales techniques, improving selling skills and real estate. This channel is great for anyone who wants to learn more about building passive income streams with Real Estate. These are things we do not really cover on Beginners Passive Income as Real Estate requires a lot of initial capital, trial, error, and high levels of risk.

Related Questions

What are the top passive income YouTube channels? The top passive income YouTube channels are the following:

  • For beginners: Beginners Passive Income
  • For blogging, YouTubing and Podcasting: Income School
  • For designers: Roberto Blake
  • For developers: TechLead
  • For general knowledge: Smart Passive Income

Which is the best passive income idea for me? Each passive income idea is unique and will be suited to certain people. For instance, building chatbots for passive income is very different from renting your home on peer-to-peer platforms. Making passive income is not as easy as people want it to seem. You have to choose something you are passionate about and put in effort needed to achieve your goals.

How much capital do I need to start making income passively? Some forms of generating passive income may require a monetary investment, while others do not. For example, buying your own 3D printer to monetize for passive income is more expensive than just renting your already existent parking spot. Whatever you choose to do, always ensure that you know exactly what you need financially before you start.

Are there other ways I can earn income passively? Yes, there are plenty of ways that you can make a steady passive income. Some of the most common may include blogging, but the internet has so many different ideas on how you can make money on the side without much effort. Just see our passive income ideas for more inspiration.

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