Passive Income Renting Your Things

Passive Income Photography

It’s never been easier to be put in touch with people interested in renting your things. The internet is crawling with startups and established platforms that allow you to rent peer-to-peer securely and easily. This guide covers everything you need to know when renting your things online, from ideas as to what you can rent to making this income stream as passive as possible.

Passive Income Copywriting

Passive Income Copywriting

This article takes a look at how you can make a passive income copywriting, notably by creating a blog and monetizing the traffic, or creating a copywriting agency. We will touch on freelancing because it may be a great place to start if you have no experience copywriting.

Passive Income From Audiobooks

Passive Income Audiobooks

Audiobooks represent an excellent passive income opportunity, and the market is exploding. If you love to read, have a talent or passion for reading out loud, it is fairly easy to become an audiobook narrator. Once you have the necessary gear to get started, you can offer your talent on platforms like Fiverr and get new clients fairly quickly.

Revenus passifs de livres audio

Passive Income Audiobooks

Si vous aimez lire, avez un talent ou une passion pour la lecture à haute voix, il est assez facile de devenir un narrateur de livres audio. Une fois que vous avez l’équipement nécessaire pour commencer, vous pouvez offrir votre talent sur des plateformes comme Fiverr et obtenir de nouveaux clients assez rapidement.

Passive Income With Niche Membership Sites

Passive Income Membership Sites

A niche membership site has a section that is accessible exclusively to members only. For this reason, a site member pays a monthly or yearly fee in order to access the exclusive content. This guide covers how you can create a niche membership site to make recurring passive income. This is a fantastic passive income stream that you can implement on your current blog, or on a completely new website.

Passive Income Flipping Domain Names

Passive Income Domain Names

Domain flipping consists in buying domain names, parking them and then selling them later on at a higher price. Many people are making thousands of dollars by simply registering domain names for $1 a piece and then selling them for $5,000+ upwards.

Passive Income Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income Affiliate Marketing

Beginners can make passive income with affiliate marketing by choosing a product or service they love, signing up to an affiliate marketing service, promoting the product to an audience, and then receiving a commission on sales made through their links. Learn how in this article!

Passive Income Participating in Sleep Studies

Passive Income Audiobooks

You can make money by participating in sleep studies. According to DLF Probandensuche in participation with NASA, for “full participation in the study you will receive 16,500 euros” which is a bit over $18,000 USD for 60 days. Even though this is a less-known passive making opportunity, it can definitely be rewarding.