9 Cryptocurrency Passive Income Ideas

Crypto passive income

It is possible to make passive income with different cryptocurrencies. Some popular ways of earning passive income with crypto include mining coins, buying and reselling coins, taking part in cryptocurrency buybacks, staking coins, masternodes, exchanging divided crypto, or just holding coins until they increase in value to sell them in the future. Learn more here!

6 Ways to Make an Active Business More Passive

How to Make a Business More Passive

If you currently run a business and are still highly tied to daily operations, then you may want to know how you can make your business more passive. Without putting processes and tools in place to make your business more passive, you will be tied to physically running your operation every day, and making an hourly wage instead of a passive income. Learn more here.

Passive Income / Side Hustle With Food Delivery Apps

Uber eats passive income

You can make money from food delivery apps. Depending on your number of deliveries, customer location, time, tips and a number of other factors, food delivery apps generally pay drivers the equivalent of the minimum wage to around $20 per hour. Every platform has different payment processes and policies. You also need to consider expenses. Learn more here!

Passive Income With a Food Truck

passive income money food truck

In order for your food truck business to be passive, you need to build it to become passive. You may be actively involved in the business before being able to delegate, outsource and automate the work to employees. This needs to be your end goal, or you will always remain actively involved in your food truck business. Learn more here.

Passive Income with a Laundromat

passive income laundromat

You can earn passive income from a laundromat. You need an ideal location, a large and loyal clientele, and good business management skills. A laundromat can be a lucrative passive income source. Like any other business, managing your laundromat will determine how much money you make and how fast you can start earning passive income from it. Learn more here.

12 Best Passive Income Apps For Beginners

apps to make passive income

There are many passive income ideas supported by apps. Some of them include eCommerce, rentals, delivery services, and other service-based ideas. Some of the apps include Ecwid, eBay, Uber, Craigslist, FatLama etc. Understanding how to use the app can help you save time, reach a larger audience and make more money. Learn more here!

Passive Income With a Monetized YouTube Channel

Youtube passive income channels

You can make passive income as a YouTuber. Instead of being paid to create videos for an hourly rate, you can create videos on a monetized channel you own and get paid allowing ads to be shown on your videos based on variables including number of monetized views, viewer location, seasons, target market, and industry. Learn more here!

Passive Income With an ATM

passive income ATM business

The ATM business has been growing since 2008. With 8-10 transactions per month, that could mean about $600 for the machine owner without considering ongoing fees. Learn more about making passive income from an ATM machine in this guide.

8 Passive Income Ideas For 3D Artists

Passive income 3d printing

You can earn passive income as a 3D model graphics designer in a variety of ways. Some of the passive income business ideas for 3D artists include monetized blogging, e-commerce, creating and selling 3D models, 3D printing services, etc. Learn more here.

10 Ways You Can Make $1,000/Mo Passive Income

passive income lifestyle

Here is our list of passive income ideas for beginners that can help you make $1,000 passive income every month. All you need is time, motivation, skill and commitment because building passive income does take time. Some $1000/mo passive income ideas include a monetized blogging, e-commerce, 3D printing, and copywriting. Learn more here.

9 Passive Income Business Ideas

Passive income business ideas

There are tons of business ideas that can earn you money passively. It doesn’t matter what profession or job you are in. All you need is a little commitment, capital, and to actually set it up to be passive. Some of the passive income business ideas include running an ATM machine business, Laundromat, Food Truck, Vending Machines etc. Learn more here!

9 Passive Income Ideas For Photographers

11 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers

There are many passive income ideas you can consider as a photographer. Some popular passive income ideas for photographers include selling stock photos and videos, creating a monetized blog, selling digital goods such as presets, renting your camera gear, and affiliate marketing for your favourite photography tools. Learn more in this beginner guide for photographers.

12 Passive Income Ideas For Introverts

Passive income for introverts

There are many passive income ideas you can consider. Some of the most passive ideas include blogging, selling your stock photos and videos, gaming and taking part in affiliate marketing programs. We have some passive income ideas for introverts that generate enough money to build and maintain good livelihoods so that you can work from home. Learn more in this guide!

12 Passive Income Ideas For Architects

Passive Income Ideas for Architect

There are many passive income ideas you can consider as an architect. Some of the most lucrative ideas include blogging, offering consulting services, selling your plans & designs with eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and more. Most of these ideas are easy to start and can be done during your free time from your regular schedule. Learn more in this guide for architects.

Should You Quit Your 9-5 Job?

passive income myth large

So many people want to quit they’re 9 to 5 job but do not know where to start. Hundreds of questions usually come up. Will I have enough money to sustain myself and my family? What will my partner think? What about job security, and the pension that I’ve been saving up for? Learn more about what it takes here.

Passive Income Renting Your Home to Film Crews

passive income renting home to filming crews

You can earn passive income by renting out your home to film crews for scene filming or photo-shoots. Film crews search for ideal spaces or locations to shoot certain scenes of the movie and pay for the service. Whether you own an apartment, mansion, condo etc. you can make money passively by renting your space for a particular period of time.
Learn more in our guide!

35 Passive Income Ideas for Developers [All Types]

passive income for software developers

No matter what language you know, or are learning, there are many different types of making passive income as a developer. Some passive income ideas for developers including creating and selling chatbots, assets, tools, API bridges, animations, functions, themes, widgets, apps, plugins, bots, and software. Check out our passive income ideas for developers!

Passive Income Podcasting

passive income podcasting beginners

Posting a single podcast episode every week is pretty passive, wouldn’t you agree? And yet, According to Project 24, if monetized and advertised correctly, you can make $1,700 per episode with a well monetized podcast. That comes to a very healthy and fairly passive income of $6,800 per month. Learn more here!

Passive Income 3D Printing

Passive Income 3D Printing

There are many ways of making passive income 3D printing. You can passive income by designing and selling 3D printed objects (jewellery & fashion accessories, motion picture props, and electronic or electric device casings), opening a printing service, providing 3D printing training or leasing your printer.

39 idées de revenu passif pour les étudiants

passive income college students

Il existe de nombreuses idées de revenu passif que vous pouvez envisager en tant qu’étudiant. Certaines idées incluent la publicité sur votre voiture, le marketing d’affiliation, les blogs à revenus passifs, la les chatbots, la revente d’articles et plus encore. Ces idées de revenu passif pour les étudiants ne nécessitent pas d’heures fixes qui pourraient interférer avec l’école

Passive Income with MLM

passive income mlm beginner

You can make passive income from MLM, however it will take time to transform an active MLM business into a passive one. Some ways to do so include recruiting a larger sales team and focusing on more residual income such as commissions, royalties and bonuses.

10 Ways to Make Passive Income With Cars

Rent your car online passive income Turo

Your car can make you passive income. With the explosion of peer-to-peer platforms and the “side gig economy,” there are now many ways to quickly and easily make money using your car, and some are more passive than others. Learn about 10 ways you can make money with your car in this article.

34 Passive Income Ideas For Designers

passive income ideas designers large

Here are 34 passive income ideas for designers including print on demand, affiliate marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, starting a YouTube Channel, selling printable art, eBay, Zazzle, lead generation, logo animation, restaurant menu design, product photography, selling online courses and more.

Passive Income With an Automatic Car Wash

Passive income Automatic Car Wash

Quote from Chuck King on LinkedIn: “I used to own a self serve car wash that would net around $50,000 where I owned the land and the business.“ With the example above, that comes to $4,000/month of passive income. You can imagine how much passive income owning a couple of these business operations can earn you. Learn more here.

Revenus passifs avec un blog

passive income money

Le contenu est vraiment roi, et il existe un moyen éprouvé de créer un blog de revenus passifs réussi avec un excellent contenu. Projet 24 de Income School souligne l’importance de choisir le bon créneau, en commençant par 30 articles et 10 vidéos YouTube.

Passive Income Ride Sharing [Uber]

Uber passive income

Even though it might not seem like it, you can actually make a lot of money passively through Uber ridesharing. This company lets you be your own boss. Therefore, you can decide when to accept offers to drive people around and when not to. In other words, this job does not require you to take time off your regular job. We focus on Uber specifically in this article, however most of the information below will still be relevant to most ride sharing platforms.

Passive Income Selling Ice Cream

passive income selling icecream

People love ice cream, which is why the sound of an ice cream truck approaching always gets people excited at the prospect of sampling these beloved treats. But did you know that there is quite a bit of passive income to be made off the ice cream selling business? Some ice cream trucks make well over $1,000 a week selling these frozen delicacies.

Passive Income Renting Your Car

Rent your car online passive income

You can make passive income from renting your car on popular car rental apps like Turo. Cars are a necessity and generally renting a car is less expensive than hiring a taxi for long distance travel. Many YouTubers boast about making well over $1,000/month on Turo renting their car which is not bad at all considering it’s not time demanding. Best of all, renting your car through Turo is easy, especially for beginners.

Passive Income Flipping Cars

Passive Income Flipping Cars

You can make passive income flipping cars by buying cars at a low cost ($500 each for example), and reselling them at a higher cost for profit ($2,000 each). In this example, you would make $1,500 per car. Search for highly sought, recent, low cost, good condition, low mileage cars.Here are some beginner (and pro) tips to help you get started flipping cars.

Passive Income Charging Scooters

Scooter Charge Passive Income Lime

Charging scooters is one of the most passive ways to make quick income because all you have to do is pick up scooters at night, charge them in your own home, and then put them back out for public use in the morning. Sounds easy, right? It is, and here is the best part – it’s pretty passive. This beginner guide covers how to make passive income charging scooters.